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    Houma Seaman Injury Lawyer 

    If you work on a ship as a seaman and were injured on the job, call a Houma seaman injury lawyer now. In Louisiana, maritime workers pursue a workers’ compensation claims differently than workers in other industries do, especially because there are different regulations. Even though state workers’ compensation laws do not guarantee you any disability benefits, you can still seek financial compensation for your injuries.

    The Jones Act allows injured seamen to sue a negligent employer when their employer’s actions (or inactions) cause injury. It may be critical to contact a skilled maritime injury attorney to discuss the likelihood of obtaining compensation.

    What Is the Jones Act?

    The Jones Act is a federal law that provides certain rights to seamen injured on the job. Originally, this law was intended to provide benefits to seamen and their families because other laws did not guarantee such benefits.

    The law is still in effect today, providing injured seamen the chance to seek compensation for their injuries in civil court. The Jones Act permits seamen injured on the job to sue a negligent employer for the financial losses they suffered due to their injuries.

    A Houma seaman injury attorney can help victims seek compensation for lost wages, medical expenses, and other damages.

    Who Qualifies as a Seaman?

    Under the Jones Act, only seamen can file a lawsuit based on an employer’s negligence. Therefore, when an injured seaman files such a lawsuit, they must prove they do indeed qualify as a seaman under this law.

    The broadest definition of seaman is someone who works on a vessel and contributes to the vessel’s mission or work.

    Generally, someone who contributes to the vessel’s work at least 30 percent of the time (that is, works on a boat or ship at least 30 percent of time) qualifies as a seaman. Some examples of seamen include:

    Suing a Negligent Employer

    Maritime jobs are some of the riskiest occupations in the country. Ship workers face numerous dangers every day, and these risks are simply part of the job. Despite the inherent risks, employers are still responsible for ensuring workers do not face unreasonable risks.

    When an employer fails to provide a reasonably safe work environment, and a seaman suffers injury due to that failure, the injured victim can sue under the Jones Act.

    A common example of negligence that can cause injury to seamen is an employer’s failure to provide safe work equipment. Regardless of the specific circumstances, an injured seaman’s first step to filing a negligence suit is to contact a Houma maritime injury lawyer.

    Contact a Houma Seaman Injury Attorney Today

    Because federal law is involved in seamen negligence claims, these suits can become quite complicated. There are numerous rules that can affect such a lawsuit, including where to bring the action, whether in state court or federal court, jury or non-jury.

    A personal injury attorney can assist you by representing your best interests in court. A Houma maritime lawyer can make sure that the lawsuit is filed in a timely manner so the injured victim does not miss their opportunity to seek compensation. If you have sustained an injury while working as a seaman, contact a Houma seaman injury lawyer as soon as possible.