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    Houma Supply Boat Accident Lawyer  

    Supply boats are complex vessels which can transport equipment and supplies to offshore oil and gas production or explorations rigs. Working on oil and gas rigs can be dangerous and result in severe injuries when an accident occurs.

    If you have been injured in a supply boat accident, contact a Houma supply boat accident lawyer to review your situation, discuss the various legal options which may be available to those who work on or near the sea, and determine which course of action makes the sense for you. Work with a qualified maritime injury attorney that can advocate for you.

    Different Types of Supply Boats

    Supply vessel workers are used to working in the inherently dangerous occupations of offshore oil and gas exploration and production or other types of construction or utility operations.

    The term supply boat is a very broad term used to describe boats and vessels which perform a variety of functions. Some of the most common supply boats include:

    • Platform supply boats
    • Anchor handling tug towing supply vessels
    • Fast crew supply vessels
    • Utility supply vessels
    • Safety standby vessels
    • Construction support vessels
    • Diving support vessels
    • Specialized offshore vessels
    • Seismic vessels and crew boats

    Most supply boats are several hundred feet in length and have numerous crew members aboard performing a variety of tasks. However, strong seas, slippery conditions, or any type of mechanical failure often result in catastrophic injury or even death.

    Potential Injuries a Supply Boat Worker Might Sustain

    Supply and platform vessel workers are exposed to numerous types of dangerous situations every day which can lead to accidents resulting in burns, traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), spinal cord injuries (SCIs), broken and fractured bones, amputations, joint injuries, neck injuries, and even occupational diseases which may not have been due to a specific accident or occurrence.

    The bottom line is that there are numerous ways for those who work in jobs on or near the water to collect for injuries they suffer. A Houma supply boat accident attorney can determine what type of compensation may be eligible to injured workers.

    Legal Grounds for Maritime Injury Compensation

    Those injured at sea as members of the crew of supply boats are eligible to recover damages for their injuries when their employer or co-employees are negligent under the Jones Act. In addition, Supply boat crew members are entitled to recover under the General Maritime Law for any injuries caused by the unseaworthiness of the vessel.

    This law provides that any crew member of a supply boat who suffers an injury while in the service of the vessel is entitled to receive medical care at the cost of the employer regardless of fault until maximum cure.

    During this time of inability to be in the service of the vessel, the injured crew member is entitled to a daily stipend equivalent to room and board aboard the vessel known as maintenance. The amount a seaman receives is not fixed but varies depending on different circumstances. It is important that injured seamen make sure to contact a Houma supply boat accident attorney to ensure that their employer pays for their treatment and that they receive the maximum maintenance payments.

    Speak With a Houma Supply Boat Attorney Today

    Anyone injured in a supply boat accident on the Gulf of Mexico or on one of Louisiana’s many waterways should contact an experienced Houma supply boat accident lawyer. A skilled maritime injury can help you get the compensation you and your family deserve in the form of medical expenses, lost income, and more. Supply boat crew personnel work hard, and when they are injured, there are laws that may provide the compensation they need.

    A lawyer can discuss your options with you – including the possibility of receiving Social Security Disability (SSD – also known as Social Security Disability Insurance – SSDI) to those who may have become permanently disabled. Call us today at Kopfler & Hermann to get started.