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    St. Charles Parish Commercial Fishing Injury Lawyer 

    The commercial fishing industry is responsible for supplying most of the country’s seafood bought for consumption in restaurants and private homes. Vessels belonging to this industry can be found traversing a wide variety of waterways, and the industry attracts some of the hardest working individuals in the world.

    Unfortunately, sometimes those working aboard fishing boats are injured when a safety precaution was not taken, was overlooked, or went unnoticed.

    If you were injured while working on a commercial fishing vessel, a St. Charles Parish commercial fishing injury lawyer may be able to help you obtain financial compensation for your pain and suffering. Work with a skilled maritime injury attorney that can attempt to fight for a positive outcome for you

     High Incidence of Injuries in the Fishing Industry

    The commercial fishing industry is infamous for its high number of workplace accidents, which is not surprising given the work environment. Working conditions aboard a fishing vessel are strenuous, and fishermen are often subjected to long working hours with few breaks in between.

    This exhaustion can become dangerous when fishermen need to enforce safety regulations and operate heavy equipment. Even more, fishing often occurs far from the shore, where it can take hours for help to arrive in the event of an accident.

    Combine this with storms at sea that can occur suddenly and without warning, and it is obvious why many commercial fishing accidents can, and do, occur.

    Environmental and Human Factors

    The vast majority of accidents and deaths that take place in the commercial fishing industry can be attributed to two factors – the environment and human errors.

    Many fishermen lose their lives to environmental disasters such as large waves, flooding, storms, as it can be difficult to predict changing weather patterns on the open water. Accidents and deaths can also be attributed to the following human errors:

    • Use of an unseaworthy vessel
    • Heavy or improper lifting
    • Falling overboard
    • Fires and electrocutions
    • Machinery and equipment accidents
    • Slip and falls

    Before a commercial fishing company allows anyone onboard its vessels, it should first inspect that vessel. Unfortunately, there are no federal or state laws in place requiring commercial sea vessels to undergo regular inspection. This lack of regulation means many companies fail to maintain a seaworthy vessel for their employees. A St. Charles Parish commercial fishing injury lawyer could help injured parties hold their employers liable.

    Official U.S. Coast Guard Safety Recommendations

    To reduce the amount of commercial fishing accidents, the U.S. Coast Guard, responsible for enforcing commercial fishing safety standards, recommends companies take certain precautions.

    The Coast Guard recommends commercial fishing companies provide the following to keep their workers safe:

    • Basic safety training
    • CPR instruction
    • An adequate number of lifeboats
    • Lifejackets and suits for cold waters

    It also cautions against overloading vessels and recommends commercial fishing companies give their employees a reasonable amount of time to rest. If a person is injured because their employer failed to follow such recommendations, they may be able to pursue damages against the employer in court.

    Working With a St. Charles Parish Commercial Fishing Injury Attorney

    The pain and suffering you endured due to a commercial fishing accident cannot be erased with money, and right now, you may not be interested in filing a lawsuit against the owners of a vessel.

    This is understandable, but there are ways to hold the company or person responsible for your injuries accountable financially and emotionally in court. Consult with a St. Charles Parish commercial fishing injury lawyer to learn your rights. Your lawyer can review your case and determine the legal options available to you.