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    St. Charles Parish Maritime Injury Lawyer

    Maritime workers often face harsh conditions, long hours, and a lack of direct supervision, creating the need for strictly enforced safety regulations. Unfortunately, at times, necessary safety precautions are not always taken, and many vessel owners make profits a priority. With the help of a St. Charles Parish maritime injury lawyer, maritime workers injured on the job may be able to obtain compensation for various medical and economic damages suffered as a result. Speak with a skilled maritime injury attorney, maritime workers could recover the damages that they deserve.

    Slip and Fall Accidents

    Slip and fall accidents are commonplace on marine vessels, especially on those with a chaotic and busy work environment.

    Despite the fast-paced work environment often found aboard vessels, it is important for workers and supervisors to ensure any potential slipping hazards are immediately sectioned off or cleaned up. It is also important to ensure any obstructions are removed from common walkways and the deck area.

    When the crew of a ship fails to do this, they may be exposing themselves and others to serious slip and fall hazards. It is the responsibility of each vessel’s owner(s) to make sure their workers are adequately trained and understand the potential dangers atop and below decks.

    Fire Hazards and Exposure to Toxic Substances

    Marine vessels are often responsible for transporting massive quantities of dangerous chemicals and substances. These substances can give off dangerous fumes if not stored or handled properly, and may even be explosive under certain conditions.

    Likewise, a fire on a vessel can jeopardize the safety of everyone on board. Fires and explosions can leave a person with painful, long-lasting burns and other injuries that can prevent a person from living a productive life.

    Heavy Lifting Accidents Caused by Inadequate Training

    A significant portion of a maritime worker’s day often involves carrying large and bulky items. Heavy items should be lifted in a certain manner, and if not, the person attempting to lift them can sustain serious injuries. Many of these injuries occur to the lower back, and they make returning to work and living a normal life extremely difficult.

    While employers should take the time to ensure all their crew members know how to properly carry heavy items and avoid injury, some vessel owners attempt to avoid save money by not fully training crew members. If a worker is injured due to a lack of training or education, their employer may be held liable in a civil lawsuit. A  St. Charles Parish maritime injury lawyer could help an individual move forward with their civil lawsuit.

    Consulting a St. Charles Parish Maritime Injury Attorney

    If you were injured while working aboard a ship, an experienced maritime attorney can help fight for your rights so that you can obtain the compensation you deserve.

    A St. Charles Parish maritime injury lawyer can review your case, help determine the cause of the accident or your injuries, and identify the next steps that can be taken to help further your financial recovery – whether that be filing a claim or a lawsuit, or negotiating with insurance companies on your behalf. Call today to learn about the legal options that may be available to you.