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    Terrebonne Parish SSDI Lawyer

    Millions of Americans work and pay into the Social Security system each year, with the expectation that if they become disabled and unable to work, then their Social Security Disability Insurance benefits will provide them with monthly income. Unfortunately, many soon realize that even though their medical conditions prohibit them from returning to work, the Social Security Administration (SSA) has denied their application for benefits. If you have received a denial of SSDI benefits, you may wish to consult a Terrebonne Parish SSDI lawyer for assistance.

    An SSDI lawyer may be able to evaluate your application for benefits, obtain the medical evidence that may help strengthen your case and appeal any denials of benefits. By supplementing your original application with additional evidence and advocating on your behalf, you may have a better chance of winning a ruling in your favor on appeal. Legal representation from a knowledgeable personal injury attorney may mean the difference between being unable to support yourself and ensuring that you can access the disability benefits that you have earned.

    Social Security Disability Insurance Claims in Terrebonne Parish

    According to the Social Security Administration, only about 28 percent of applicants receive approval of their initial claims for benefits. Therefore, receiving a denial of an application for SSDI benefits is quite common.

    When individuals receives a denial of benefits, they have a limited amount of time to appeal the decision. As a result, they may wish to contact a diligent Terrebonne Parish SSDI lawyer as quickly as possible following the receipt of a denial notice. Having a strong legal advocate throughout the SSDI appeals process can give individuals a better chance of receiving approval of their applications.

    Eligibility for SSDI Benefits

    Individuals must meet both earnings and medical requirements to qualify for SSDI benefits. The SSA considers an individual’s amount of recent earnings based on the age at which individuals became disabled, and the duration of work, in terms of how long they worked and paid Social Security taxes. If an individual has enough earnings and work history while they are paying into the Social Security system, then they typically will qualify for SSDI.

    The SSA also will consider whether individuals meet the definition of disability under federal guidelines. This definition involves the following inquiries:

    • Whether the medical condition is severe or significantly limits the ability of individuals to carry out necessary work activities for at least one year
    • Whether the medical condition meets or is equivalent to one of the SSA listings for medical impairments, which generally prevent individuals from engaging in substantial gainful activity
    • Whether the individuals can complete their previous type of work or a different kind of work, based on age, education, and work experience

    If claimants are working regularly and earning more than a specific amount of wages under the SSA guidelines, they may be denied benefits. The SSA only will examine the medical conditions of individuals for disability eligibility if they are unemployed or earning less than the SSA monthly earnings limit. Getting advice from a knowledgeable Terrebonne Parish SSDI attorney may be crucial to building an application for SSDI benefits.

    Schedule a Consultation with a Terrebonne Parish SSDI Attorney Today

    Receiving a denial of your application for SSDI benefits can be devastating, especially when you are struggling with your medical condition. Aside from the physical effects of your illness or injury, you also likely are unable to work and support yourself. A Terrebonne Parish SSDI lawyer can be your legal advocate and provide you with the help that you need during this time.

    You should not hesitate to appeal a denied claim, as many initial denials may be overturned upon appeal. Building a solid appeal of your claim may be crucial to a positive outcome in your case. Call today to schedule a consultation.