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    Hammond Head-On Collision Lawyer

    A head-on collision is where one vehicle is lawfully in its lane and another vehicle, for a number of reasons, strikes the front of the lawful traveling vehicle front bumper to front bumper. A common pattern in Hammond for a head-on collision is when the operator of a vehicle is gaining access to Interstate 55 or Interstate 12 on the entrance ramp and the offending vehicle is exiting the same roadway via the entrance lane. That is a surefire way for a head-on collision to occur.

    If you or a loved one were injured in a direct impact car accident, speak to a Hammond head-on collision lawyer to learn about how you may be eligible to recover compensation for your damages. A dedicated car accident attorney can help you hold the negligent party accountable for their actions.

    Common Injuries in a Front-End Car Accident

    A head-on collision is an exercise in physics. Two vehicles traveling head-on will create much greater force than one vehicle striking a fixed object. A direct impact collision could cause significant property damage and serious injuries to those involved.

    Common injuries in head-on car accidents include:

    A diligent Hammond head-on collision attorney can use an individual’s medical records to prove the extent of their injuries and to show how their lives have been impacted by the accident to help them recover more compensation for damages. Typically, the more severe one’s injuries are, the more significant the compensation will be.

    How Distracted Driving Can Cause a Crash

    Head-on collisions are largely due to distracted driving, particularly on two-lane highways. Head-on collisions usually occur at night when the offending driver is falling asleep or is intoxicated, either through alcohol or prescription or illegal medication use. There is more and more distracted driving where the offending driver is utilizing a smartphone to text-message, surf the internet, or read emails.

    A seasoned Hammond direct impact car accident attorney can investigate the collision, gather evidence, and speak to witnesses to establish that distracted driving was the cause of the crash.

    Assigning Fault in Hammond

    Usually, when there is a head-on collision, there are tremendous forces involved when the vehicles collide. The two vehicles do not necessarily remain in the same position as to where the point of impact was, but if the point of impact is in the opposite lane of the driver who causes the crash, there will be a presumption that the out-of-lane driver is at fault. If someone is properly in their lane of travel and a reckless operator causes a head-on collision in their lane, that is going to be a liability case and the other vehicle will be found 100 percent at fault.

    These types of head-on collisions often result in serious injuries and death. If that happens, the Louisiana State Police will utilize its own accident reconstruction expert to make a determination as to where the point of impact was. By utilizing photographs and measurement, the expert will come to a conclusion on how the collision occurred and in what lane the actual crash occurred. If there was not an investigation by the agency during the traffic investigation, whether Hammond City Police, Tangipahoa Parish the Sheriff’s Office or the Louisiana State Police, an injured party would be wise to retain a seasoned lawyer who has experience with the utilization of expert accident reconstructionists who can protect and retrieve data including black box data.

    First Responders Accident Report

    In addition, it is critical that the investigation is begun immediately. Besides the police report, the first responders on the scene have to file reports which are often very helpful in determining how the crash occurred. What the parties involved said to first responders can be used in any subsequent proceeding for damages for personal injuries or wrongful death.

    What the parties say to ambulance drivers or emergency room personnel at local hospitals, such as North Oak Hospital or Lallie Kemp Charity Hospital in nearby Independence, can often be used to prove how the crash occurred.

    Seek Help From a Hammond Head-On Collision Attorney

    Following a motor vehicle crash, it is best to speak to a Hammond head-on collision lawyer to get started on your case. A skilled lawyer can help immediately after an accident. They could collect evidence, speak to witnesses, and hire accident reconstructionists to prove your case in court. You may be eligible to recover compensation. Call today to schedule a consultation.