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    Hammond Truck Accident Lawyer

    The trucking industry is vital to the United States economy. Truckers haul all kinds of material across state lines, including food, gasoline, merchandise, and even hazardous materials necessary for the production of other products. Unfortunately, the prevalence of trucks on highways and roads means that there is an increased likelihood of a collision.

    When a truck is involved in any crash, the effects of the wreck often are exponentially more devastating due to their heavy weight and high speeds. Trucks can cause injuries such as broken or crushed bones, paralysis, lost limbs, road rash, road fires, and even death.

    If you are injured in a truck-related car wreck, get in touch with a skilled Hammond truck accident lawyer as soon as possible to learn how you can recover compensation from the responsible party. A diligent personal injury attorney can help ease the stress of filing claims and negotiating settlements on your behalf.

    What are the Federal Trucking Regulations?

    The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is responsible for designating and handling regulations for the trucking industry nationwide. If the court finds that the truck driver, the parent company, those responsible for truck inspections, or even truck part manufacturers violated federal regulations, those entities may be liable for injuries and damages that result from a collision.

    For example, truck drivers are required to take breaks when on the road for an extended amount of time to avoid driver fatigue. One way that a driver or their parent company may be liable for negligence in an accident claim is by driving more than the designated amount of time, doctoring their records, or failing to keep appropriate records of their driving times.

    Under Louisiana Civil Code Article § 32:386, certain weight limits are applied to trucks of different sizes. The maximum weight for any vehicle is 80,000 pounds. Since this section of law involves complex algorithms and may be difficult for laypeople to interpret, it is usually best for injured individuals to seek the services of an experienced Hammond truck accident attorney.

    How Could Someone File a Claim Against a Federal Entity?

    Some trucks are owned and operated by a state or local government entity, such as dump trucks, fire trucks, and work vehicles belonging to the Department of Transportation and Development. When a truck driver causes an accident while operating a government-owned truck in the course and scope of their job, the resulting claim may include the government as a possible defendant.

    It usually takes skilled legal counsel to defend an injured individual’s rights against well-resourced governments and large trucking conglomerates. Accordingly, it may be important for prospective plaintiffs in truck crash cases to speak to a dedicated Hammond attorney about how they may bring forward a comprehensive claim with good odds of success.

    Let a Hammond Truck Accident Attorney Handle the Case

    In addition to dealing with aggressive settlement negotiation tactics from opposing counsel, a knowledgeable attorney may be able to help injured individuals in a variety of other ways. These can include investigating and collecting key evidence like driving logs and maintenance information, compiling a list of all damages suffered by the injured individual, taking down eyewitness statements, and reviewing the police report.

    If you were injured in a truck collision, you might experience mounting medical debt, lost wages from missing work, and a future that may include long-term medical care and other difficulties. You should not have to pay for damages when the accident in question was not your fault. Contact a Hammond truck accident lawyer as soon as possible to start on the path to the compensation you deserve.