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    Damages in Houma Hit and Run Accident Cases

    The potentially recoverable damages in Houma hit and run cases are the same as a case where a person was struck by somebody at fault who stayed on the scene. Those are medical expenses incurred as a result of the injuries suffered in the motor vehicle crash, future medical expenses and lost earnings when it can be shown by the medical testimony that the injuries the party suffered were such that they are not able to be gainfully employed.

    The amount of compensation available for anyone who has suffered permanent disability could be substantial. During the course of treatment, if someone’s lifestyle is changed, they are entitled to damages for impairment of enjoyment of living. In addition, they are entitled to damages for the injury itself, the pain and suffering, and the mental pain and anguish. Contact an experienced hit and run accident attorney at Kopfler & Hermann about how to recover for the harm you have suffered.

    What is Loss of Consortium?

    If someone’s spouse is injured, the other spouse can bring a claim for loss of consortium as a form of damages in Houma hit and run cases. When there are children involved and it can be proven that the relationship with the parent or parents was impaired, the children have a claim for damages for loss of consortium. Loss of consortium means loss of services, loss of society, loss of love and companionship, comfort and services which a family member may have provided if the individual had not been injured. This includes decreased sexual relations, decreased inability to perform household services and decreased aid and assistance to the family unit.

    Defining Exemplary Damages

    If the offending driver was intoxicated, taking medications in an excessive amount, or using illegal narcotics or alcohol to an extent that it impaired them and it was a substantial factor in the crash, Louisiana law allows for exemplary or punitive damages above and beyond any of the other damages. In any car crash or hit-and-run where the person has the proper coverages, there may be damages for collision loss, property damage, record fees, storage fees of the vehicle, and loss of use of the vehicle. Speak with an experienced attorney to discuss all types of damages that may be potentially recoverable following an accident.

    Benefit of an Attorney

    The first thing a person should do after being injured in a hit-and-run accident is contact law enforcement authorities to give a description of the vehicle that hit and ran or caused damage to the person or property to locate the person at fault. An experienced lawyer can help them understand the nuances of the law and how to begin seeking damages in Houma hit and run cases. The attorney can locate independent witnesses in the event there was no contact. Any person who is not familiar with what to do in this situation after contacting law enforcement should contact a competent attorney to represent them and handle this matter for them.

    Discuss Damages in Houma Hit and Run Accident Cases Today With an Attorney

    If you are interested in learning more about damages in Houma hit and run accident cases, contact Kopfler & Hermann today to speak to ane experienced attorney. They can assess your unique hit and run case and help determine what damages might be available to you.