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    Factors of a Houma Hit and Run Accident

    A hit-and-run can occur when a car collides with another, causing property damage and then leaves the scene of the accident. If someone turns hard to avoid an impact and loses control or causes damage to another vehicle or person, they can be charged with a hit and run offense. In that case, a person must have independent witnesses to prove that the actions of the phantom or fleeing vehicle caused the person to leave the roadway and caused harm to their vehicle and themselves. It is important to understand the relevant factors of a Houma hit and run accident before proceeding with your claim. Contact a qualified hit and run accident attorney about how to appropriately prepare for your lawsuit.

    Common Fact Patterns in a Hit and Run Collision

    Houma is in Louisiana, a state with a high number of people driving while impaired. One of many important factors of a Houma hit and run accident to consider is that they often occur in the early mornings. People are going to work on a two-lane highway and they have a collision with someone who was frequenting lounges and bars. The impaired person knows that if they stop for a crash, they will probably be arrested for driving while intoxicated. That is a common pattern and the only way to really find that out is when a description of the vehicle is given to a traffic investigator and they apprehend the driver who hit and ran.

    Difference from Other Car Accidents

    Factors of a Houma hit and run accident may differ from other car collisions. In a true hit-and-run, the injured party must have collision coverage, medical payments coverage and uninsured motorist coverage on their vehicle. Uninsured motorist coverage protects for someone who hits a person’s vehicle and leaves the scene of the crash.

    If the police never apprehend the person who caused the harm, there is no one to make a claim against, much less their insurance company. It is a wise decision when buying liability insurance to include uninsured motorist coverage. Under Louisiana law, every policy written for automobile liability insurance is required to have uninsured motorist coverage.

    The only way a person would not have uninsured motorist coverage is when they choose to reject it on a special form with their agent when purchasing liability insurance. Often times, the agent offers this rejection to the person purchasing insurance to save on the premium. With a large number of uninsured motorists on the roadway, that is not a wise decision. A prudent insurance purchase includes uninsured motorist coverage.

    Help From an Attorney

    An accident an attorney will consider the factors of a Houma hit and run and assess fact patterns such as whether there was an impact or collision with the vehicle. They will want to know if there are any paint scrapes on the vehicle from the offending vehicle that are different from the persons making the claim. If the attorney can prove any impact, the individual can make a claim for uninsured motorist coverage under hit-and-run without any independent witnesses. If there was a non-collision where the person leaves the roadway due to an offending driver, the attorney must find independent witnesses to prove the injured party’s claim. The individual must have uninsured motorist coverage to prove their claim for injury or must have collision coverage for the damage to their vehicle. 

    Learn More About the Factors of a Houma Hit and Run Accident From An Attorney

    To discuss the factors of a Houma hit and run accident with a seasoned attorney, contact Kopfler & Hermann today. A lawyer at our firm will ensure that you understand your rights before proceeding with your claim and help you prepare for your hit and run lawsuit. Call today to get started.