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    Houma Dog Bite Lawyer 

    Whether you have been bitten by a dog, or your dog accidentally bit someone, there are legal repercussions that you may have to take into account. If you have been bitten by a dog, you may need hospitalization or future medical care for any injuries that you sustained.

    Alternatively, if your dog bit someone, you may have to worry about having your family pet put down or paying for another person’s medical bills. If this incident occurred in your home, you may have to involve your homeowner’s insurance for the injury.

    In either scenario, a Houma dog bite lawyer can help explain your options and the appropriate laws to you. Furthermore, an experienced personal injury lawyer can represent you if this goes to trial or during a negotiation.

    Louisiana Dog Bite Laws

    There are generally two categories of dog bite laws. The first is strict liability where owners are strictly responsible for the actions of their dog. The second type of dog bite laws are based on negligence laws and requires showing that the dog owner was negligent. Louisiana’s law uses both laws in a combination.

    An owner is responsible for a dog bite if they were negligent. Houma dog bite lawyers have to show that the owner knew or if they had used reasonable care would have known that the dog would cause damage. That the damage could have been prevented if the owner used reasonable care and failed to use reasonable care.

    As a Houma attorney could further explain, an owner is strictly liable for injuries caused by their dog if they could have prevented the injury from occurring and failed to do so. There is a defense to a dog biting either another animal or a person. If the other person or animal provoked the pet owner’s dog then the owner has a defense of provocation against the bite.

    Houma Dog Ordinances

    Houma dog bite attorneys want residents to be aware that each individual county may have its own specific laws regarding dog bites that may be harsher than the general Louisiana law.

    As part of Terrebonne Parish, Houma is under laws passed by the Terrebonne Parish Council in 2014. The ordinance has higher penalties for dogs considered vicious or dangerous.

    Dogs that are considered a dangerous breed have to pay a $150 licensing fee and an additional $150 fine. If the animal is considered to be vicious it will be a $500 fine. Anyone that does not meet the standards they will pay an additional $500 fine.

    When Is a Dog Considered Dangerous?

    To be considered a dangerous dog there are a few elements that must be established:

    • Severely injures or bites a person on or off the owner’s property unprovoked
    • When the owner and dog were not on the owner’s property and were unprovoked the dog acts in a way that requires another person to act defensively
    • Shows any behavior that the administrative panel considers dangerous
    • The dog bites or injures another animal while unprovoked either on or off the owner’s property

    Contact a Houma Dog Bite Attorney Today

    Dog bite laws can be complicated and involve both state and local laws. By speaking to a Houma dog bite lawyer you can get more information about the potential consequences you may face because of the bite.

    You can find out what possible defenses you might have against anyone suing you because of your dog. There may also be a chance you can avoid litigation if you reach an agreement with the other person’s lawyer. Additionally, your insurance may be able to cover the damages on your behalf. However, you will not know what best fits your needs until you get more information. Contact our firm today to learn more.