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    Houma Hurricane Damage Lawyer

    Homeowners and businesses alike continue to struggle following Hurricane Ida. The property damage caused by Hurricane Ida and other storms can be financially devastating, especially when insurance companies refuse to provide fair payments.

    The unfortunate reality is that insurance companies will often look for any excuse to avoid their financial obligations following a hurricane. Being treated unfairly by an insurance carrier is never acceptable, but it is even more traumatic in the aftermath of a disaster. A Houma hurricane damage lawyer can help you secure benefits under your policy and hold your insurance company accountable. Reach out today to learn more about what a dedicated attorney can do for you.

    Common Examples of Hurricane Damage

    Hurricanes cause property damage in a variety of ways. Property owners in Houma have watched these storms bring dangerous winds that can level homes and decimate businesses. Some of the physical property damage that is common with a hurricane includes:

    • Broken windows
    • Fire damage
    • Water and moisture damage
    • Roof damage
    • Structural integrity issues
    • Damage to vehicles
    • Foundation issues
    • Damages to fences and outbuildings
    • Furniture damages
    • Flooring damages
    • Sheetrock damages
    • Ceiling damages
    • Attic damages
    • Clothing loss
    • Evacuation expenses
    • Food loss
    • Insulation damages
    • Business interruption expenses
    • Loss of profits

    Hurricane damage is often devastating, especially when these storms are prolonged and cause widespread damage as was the case with Ida. While insurance policies are designed to recoup the losses caused by these storms, insurance companies do not always respond to those claims in good faith. A Houma attorney can take legal action against an insurer to secure compensation for a property owner facing hurricane damage.

    When Insurance Carriers Act in Bad Faith

    Insurance companies have a duty to act in good faith with policyholders, especially in the aftermath of a hurricane. Despite this duty, many insurance companies take aggressive steps to avoid paying out the benefits that they owe.

    There are different ways that an insurance company could act in bad faith. Some acts of bad faith involve delaying the claims process unnecessarily. The longer an insurance claim takes, the more financial strain the insured is likely to feel. An unreasonable delay could push an individual to accept an unfair offer to ease their financial burden. Some insurance companies will drag out these proceedings to the point that the deadline to file legal action is close to expiring.

    Carriers often also play games related to the cause of damage. Some adjusters might claim the damage occurred prior to the storm or was caused by some other type of event that was not covered by the policy. Other carriers might acknowledge that the damage is covered but claim that the repairs made were unnecessary or too costly. A skilled Houma lawyer can help an individual pursue the benefits they owed under the policy in addition to additional payments for the bad faith handling of the insurance policy.

    Learn How a Houma Hurricane Damage Attorney Can Help

    If you are struggling with insurance issues following a hurricane, you do not have to deal with the provider on your own. You held up your end of the bargain by making your premium payments, and now an attorney can help ensure that you receive the benefits you deserve.

    You deserve to have a strong legal professional on your side to help you fight back against insurance companies. Let a Houma hurricane damage lawyer serve as your advocate. Contact our office today to get started.