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    Houma Crane Injury Lawyer 

    Crane accidents can be devastating, but unfortunately, numerous hardworking individuals are injured by cranes each year in the United States. Cranes are massive pieces of construction machinery that are used to lift extremely heavy materials, such as concrete and steel.

    These machines can be dangerous, and the Occupational Safety and Hazard Administration requires operators to be properly trained and licensed before they can use a crane. Operators must also comply with safety measures put forth by companies and manufacturers. If you have been injured in a crane accident, read the following information before contacting an experienced Houma crane injury lawyer. A qualified workers’ compensation attorney can guide you through the process of filing for compensation.

    What Causes Crane Accidents?

    Crane accidents are more common than many people think, and unfortunately, individuals injured in these accidents often sustain severe and extensive injuries. Crane accidents occur for a variety of reasons, some more common than others, but many times, accidents can be prevented. Some of the most common causes of crane accidents include:

    Operators and maintenance workers should be properly trained to use and maintain cranes, and it is the responsibility of the company employing these workers to ensure this training is provided. If a person is injured by a crane, they will need the help of a Houma attorney to set things right.

    Establishing Responsibility After an Accident

    After a serious crane accident, most people assume the operator is to blame. This is true in many cases, but when an injured individual hires a Houma crane injury attorney, they often find that multiple parties can be held responsible. Even if a crane operator caused an accident, the company that hired them can be held liable, as well as the owner of the construction site. If the crane malfunctioned for some reason, the injured individual may be able to hold the manufacturer of the crane liable since they have a responsibility to ensure their products are fully functional and safe to operate. In certain situations, contractors and subcontractors may also bear some responsibility for accidents.

    Ways to Prevent Crane Accidents

    As mentioned above, it is possible to prevent the vast majority of crane accidents. These accidents are often caused by the negligence or oversight of some party, and it can be immensely difficult to make these parties pay after an accident. Many construction companies also attempt to cut costs by using outdated equipment or refusing to hire qualified operators. Despite the prevalence of dishonest and cheap companies, accidents can be prevented by:

    • Offering adequate employee training
    • Maintaining a written maintenance and inspection schedule
    • Ensuring cranes are safe to operate before use
    • Underscoring the importance of worker cooperation when using cranes
    • Immediately notifying the proper authority when a crane malfunctions

    If a company does not engage in any of the actions listed above, and an accident occurs, it can be held liable by a crane injury attorney. Companies have a clearly defined responsibility to ensure their workers have access to safe construction machines and equipment.

    Get in Touch with a Houma Crane Injury Attorney Today

    If you or someone you care about has been injured in a crane accident, a Houma crane injury lawyer may be able to help you. You deserve compensation for your pain and suffering, and the responsible party deserves to be held accountable for their negligence. Get in touch with an experienced lawyer today if you are ready to take action.