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    Livingston Parish Car Accident Lawyer

    While most drivers take their responsibilities on the road seriously, people in Louisiana who drive unsafely could everyone else around them at risk. Distracted driving, ignoring traffic laws, and driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs could all lead to devastating crashes. Depending on the circumstances, even a minor collision could cause serious injuries or property damage.

    If you were hurt in a car crash, you may find yourself dealing with high medical costs and forced to take significant time away from work. If another driver was responsible for your crash, a Livingston Parish car accident lawyer can help you hold them liable for their negligence. Allow a dedicated personal injury attorney to fight for you, so your injuries do not harm your financial well-being.

    What is the Potential Compensation After a Wreck?

    People involved in motor vehicle accidents could suffer a wide variety of injuries, not all of which are readily apparent. While many injuries are physical in nature, crash plaintiffs may suffer mental, emotional, and financial harm as well. A knowledgeable Livingston Parish car collision attorney can help individuals evaluate the total value of their injuries and losses and seek appropriate compensation for all the damages caused by another party.

    Medical Bills

    After a car crash, plaintiffs could accumulate significant medical expenses from their injuries. A skilled lawyer can help document the cost of care to help reimburse these expenses in a claim for compensation. It could also be useful to have a car accident attorney work to estimate the cost of future medical expenses that long-term conditions may produce.

    Property Damage

    Nearly all car accidents involve some degree of property damage. Documentation about the cost of repairing or replacing damaged or destroyed property can be valuable evidence during a legal claim.

    Lost Wages

    Recovering from a car wreck in Livingston Parish could require taking time off work, which in turn leads to lost wages. When compounded with the other expenses related to a crash, lost wages may be notably devastating to an accident plaintiff and their family.

    Pain, Suffering, and Loss of Consortium

    Individuals could struggle with the physical pain of their injuries, and the loss of enjoyment in life. Family members may also suffer while caring for and coping with an accident plaintiffs’ pain. A car accident lawyer in Livingston Parish can help a person document all their physical and emotional suffering in pursuit of fair compensation.

    What are the Deadlines for Filing a Car Accident Claim?

    In Louisiana, all lawsuits alleging injury are subject to the state’s statute of limitations. Under Louisiana Civil Code § 3492, potential plaintiffs must file their lawsuit for compensation within one year of the incident that caused the injury.

    While the intended purpose of the statute of limitations is to give defendants peace of mind after the time period has expired and ensured lawsuits rely on recent evidence, it also pressures potential plaintiffs involved in accidents to act quickly. Failing to file within the proper time frame could result in injured people losing the ability to ever seek compensation for their injuries. A lawyer in Livington Parish can ensure a car accident claim is filed on time.

    Consult a Livingston Parish Car Accident Attorney

    If you were in a car crash in Livingston Parish and another person’s behavior caused the crash and your ensuing injuries, you have the legal right to hold them accountable. By calling a Livingston Parish car accident lawyer, you can take steps to help protect your rights and work towards a favorable outcome. Reach out today to schedule a free case review and begin working on your legal claim.