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    St. Tammany Parish Rear-End Car Accident Lawyer

    Rear-end car accidents typically occur when one driver slows down or stops, and the driver behind them fails to do so in time to avoid a crash. Common sources of injury include trauma to the lower back and neck.

    If you or a loved one suffered harm from a rear-end accident, you may be eligible to receive financial compensation for the damages you have endured. Compensation may be available even if multiple parties share liability. To look into the possibility of collecting damages, speak with a St. Tammany Parish rear-end car accident lawyer.

    Conditions Contributing to Rear-End Accidents

    Slick or icy roads, heavy traffic causing unexpected slowing or stopping, and the diversion of a driver’s attention by a cell phone, or any other distraction can increase the likelihood and severity of a rear-end collision. Speeding and tailgating may also contribute to accidents by limiting a driver’s reaction time to a slowed down or stopped vehicle.

    Section 24-37 of the Code of Ordinances of the Parish of St. Tammany, Louisiana, mandates a speed limit on hard-surface streets of 25 miles per hour unless otherwise posted, and no more than 55 miles per hour on any street. These are not lenient driving regulations. A driver hit from behind at high speed in St. Tammany Parish would accordingly have a valid reason to call a rear-end car accident lawyer to evaluate potential damages they might collect in a lawsuit.

    Allocating Responsibility in an Accident Involving Multiple Parties

    Apart from any criminal charges brought against someone who bears responsibility for a traffic accident, a party harmed or killed in the accident, or a representative on their behalf, a civil lawsuit may enable someone harmed to collect from other parties any compensation they are due. Under the Civil Code of Louisiana article §2315 through 2315.6, anyone liable for acts causing harm, including bodily injury or property damage, must compensate those directly or indirectly injured. If someone dies from the accident, either immediately or at a later date, family members of the deceased have a year to bring a wrongful death action for harm they suffered as a result of the loss.

    If more than one party to the accident bears responsibility, those parties share liability proportional to their degree of fault as determined by courts or insurance providers. Even someone found to be partly liable may seek damages from other parties in amounts consistent with the proportion of the total damages that each owes. A survivor, family member, or representative in St. Tammany Parish of someone involved in such an accident can call a rear-end car accident lawyer to help assess the feasibility of recovering damages in a lawsuit.

    Seek the Legal Assistance You Need to Prepare a Strong Claim

    You may be owed compensation if you or someone you love sustained harm in a traffic accident caused by others. Injury or death in such cases can impose significant physical, mental, and financial costs. Compensation for damages could ease the burden.

    To learn about your legal options, ask a legal practitioner experienced in representing victims in cases like yours. Contact a St. Tammany Parish rear-end car accident lawyer to help determine where you stand and what you may be owed. Call now to get started.