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    St. Tammany Parish Side-Impact Car Accident Lawyer

    Side-impact collisions happen when a driver little expects them. A broadside, or T-bone, accident occurs when the front of one vehicle collides with the side of another. This can transpire when a driver fails to make a required stop at an intersection, and it may cause significant injury to drivers as there is little metal framework on the sides to absorb the impact.

    Sideswipe accidents tend to be less dangerous, but driving speed and other conditions may increase the damage they inflict. A sideswipe can occur when a driver misjudges the distance between their vehicle and another or where they swerve to avoid an obstacle in the road. Someone suffering a serious injury in this sort of collision, or family members of a person injured or killed, could learn about options for recovering financial damages by arranging a consultation appointment with a side-impact car accident lawyer.

    A Local Ordinance for a Traffic Violation

    The consequences of a traffic accident in St. Tammany Parish may include a local citation. Violating a provision in the Code of Ordinances of St. Tammany Parish typically results in a misdemeanor and a $50 fine. The speed limit on concrete roads generally is 25 miles per hour, and no speed limit in the parish may exceed 55 miles per hour. If a driver willfully or negligently exceeds the posted speed limit, they may be liable for any ensuing damages.

    A Civil Lawsuit for Acts Causing Damages

    Under Louisiana Civil Code §2315 through 2315.6, an act causing injury to another or their property justifies compensation for damages which may extend to close family members who also suffer damages or losses from the harm done to the injured party. Recovery may also include compensation for sales tax paid to repair or replace damaged property. Damages for future medical expenses apply only to treatment arising from a clear mental or physical injury.

    If someone who sustained injuries in one of these wrecks later dies as a result, their family members may receive compensation for the injuries on the deceased’s behalf by filing a survival action within one year of the death. Someone in St. Tammany Parish who suffers such injuries, or their spouse, children, or other family members, could discuss potential damages for injury, property damage, or death arising from negligence by discussing these events with a side-impact car accident lawyer.

    A Civil Lawsuit for Wrongful Death After a T-Bone Wreck

    Damages available in a wrongful death lawsuit after a side-impact wreck resemble those available in a lawsuit for acts causing injury. Wrongful death claims allow family members of the deceased to receive compensation for the damages they suffered as a result of the death, including the loss of society, consortium, or services they would have otherwise received if not for the negligent acts causing loss of life.

    A court or jury in a wrongful death case may not award damages to a spouse, child, or parent determined to have participated in killing or attempting to kill a deceased driver or passenger. Anyone who incurs losses from a fatal side-impact car accident in St. Tammany Parish could receive help assessing the legal consequences by speaking with an attorney with experience representing such cases.

    Find a Lawyer Who Will Fight for Your Rights

    Before you can receive the compensation you are owed for injuries and losses, you need to convey your rights clearly. To show damages you suffered from a traffic accident, you need an attorney who listens carefully and understands your experience. Consult a St. Tammany Parish side impact car accident lawyer who takes your interests seriously and stands up for them forcefully. Call now.