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    Terrebonne Parish Fishing Boat Accident Lawyer

    Commercial fishing is a large and important industry, and it employs millions of employees from around the country each year. Most commercial fishing companies value their employees, and are willing to take steps to ensure they remain safe.

    Sadly, other commercial fishing companies are not as concerned with the safety of their employees and many even attempt to save money by using poorly maintained vessels and providing employees with subpar training.

    If you were injured while working on a fishing boat, contact a Terrebonne Parish fishing boat accident lawyer today. Speak to a dedicated maritime injury attorney at out firm and know that you are in good hands.

    Commercial Fishing Companies’ Responsibilities

    Commercial fishing companies have a distinct responsibility to take steps to ensure the safety of their employees. As a Terrebonne Parish fishing boat accident attorney can explain, many of these companies do not want to expend the money to provide this training, and by attempting to cut costs, they inadvertently place the well-being of their employees in jeopardy.

    Commercial fishing companies should do the following to ensure their employees remain safe at all times:

    • Provide adequate training to crew members
    • Ensure workers know how to respond to common emergencies
    • Provide workers with necessary safety equipment such as lifeboats and lifejackets
    • Inspect fishing vessels and ensure they are safe for operation on the open water
    • Keep track of any accidents or injuries that take place during working hours

    By taking the steps above, commercial fishing vessel owners can greatly lower the chances of their employees being involved in an accident.

    Preparing for Inclement Weather

    Commercial fishing vessels often travel in open waters, and large bodies of water can create an unsafe working environment for fishermen. These bodies of water frequently host large storms that suddenly appear, and can be difficult to track or predict.

    To deal with this constant risk, commercial fishing boat owners should have a plan in place to ensure the safety of their employees during inclement weather.

    All employees should be aware of this plan, and fishermen should understand the dangers posed by storms on the open water. Boat owners also need to frequently inspect their vessels to be sure they are capable of surviving such severe storms. If someone has further questions about preparing for inclement weather, they should consult with an experienced fishing boat accident attorney serving Terrebonne Parish.

    Pursuing Compensation After a Fishing Boat Accident

    If a person is injured in a fishing boat accident, they may need to hire a fishing boat accident attorney to represent them. Injuries, especially severe ones, can be painful and expensive, and without compensation the injured person and their family can end up footing the bill.

    Depending on the nature of the fishing accident, injured individuals may able to receive compensation for:

    • Medical bills
    • Pain and suffering
    • Emotional turmoil
    • Loss of income
    • Everyday living expenses

    Certain types of catastrophic injuries can also prevent a person from returning to work or living a normal life. If a person sustains this type of injury, more than likely, they will need long-term medical care for the rest of their life. This is not fair, and negligent fishing boat owners may be held responsible if their employees sustain such injuries. A Terrebonne Parish fishing boat accident attorney can help individuals hold their employers responsible.

    Speak With a Terrebonne Parish Fishing Boat Accident Attorney

    Fishing boat accidents can result in devastating injuries that have life-changing effects on those afflicted. Injured individuals may also experience long-lasting psychological and emotional damage from their ordeal that cannot be fixed with money alone. Speak to a Terrebonne Parish fishing boat accident lawyer at Kopfler & Hermann today to learn of your legal options. A skilled attorney could help you hold the responsible party accountable.