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    Terrebonne Parish Seaman Injury Lawyer

    Terrebonne Parish seaman work aboard various types of ships, boats, vessels, and other types of craft that travels Louisiana’s waterways. They must often work during severe weather conditions and with dangerous materials which can cause serious injuries or death.

    If you have been injured while working as a seaman, contact a Terrebonne Parish seaman injury lawyer to review the details of the accident. Let a skilled maritime injury attorney determine who might be responsible for your injuries, and discuss which course of action might be best for your situation.

    Compensation for Seaman Injuries

    Seamen basically do it all – including working with electrical and mechanical devices, painting, rigging, cleaning, tying down ships, maintaining ships, knot-making, watch-standing duties, lookout responsibilities, and anything else that is required.

    Whether working at sea or stationed in a harbor, a seaman can suffer serious injuries which can keep them from earning the income they need to provide for their families, such as traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), broken bones, burn injuries, spinal cord injuries (SCIs), lung injuries, injuries to the lower extremities, and injuries from neurological disorders which can result in amputation or paralysis such as paraplegia and quadriplegia. If someone has sustained severe injuries because of their job as a seaman, they should contact a Terrebonne Parish attorney as soon as possible.

    Recovering Damages

    As a Terrebonne Parish seaman injury attorney can further explain, any type of injury suffered can result in significant medical costs and long periods of time without income. When that happens, a seaman may be entitled to compensation from several sources, including the Jones Act, or by filing a claim against a boat owner for negligence under the General Maritime Law.

    Jones Act

    The Jones Act, also referred to as the Merchant Marine Act provides certain Terrebonne Parish sailors with compensation when their illness or injury occurred while performing their duties. Remember, ship owners have a duty to provide the safest environment possible to anyone who works aboard their vessels. When they breach that duty, they can be held accountable for their actions – or for failing to act reasonably.

    Unseaworthy Vessel Claim

    Unseaworthy vessel claims (also known as vessel negligence claims) provide those who were injured while working on a boat or vessel with compensation if the vessel was not seaworthy or was dangerous.

    Maintenance and Cure Claim

    Any seaman who is injured while in the service of the vessel is entitled to have all medical treatment for his injuries paid for by his employer.  The injured seaman, if he so chooses, is entitled to be treated by a physician of his choice and not the company doctor.  This medical treatment is known as Cure and the injured seaman should continue to receive treatment at the employer’s cost until he reaches maximum medical improvement.

    The employer is also required to provide maintenance, the rough equivalent of room and board, so long as the seaman is not fit for duty.  If the employer unfairly refuses to pay for medical treatment or begin payment of maintenance following notice, a Terrebonne Parish seaman injury attorney can force the employer to begin payment and seek damages for the unfair refusal.  These damages can include attorney fees and in some cases punitive damages.

    Talking to a Terrebonne Parish Seaman Injury Attorney

    An experienced seaman injury attorney can review a situation and determine what types of compensation may be available to seaman and how best to obtain it. The bottom line is that these forms of compensation, like Louisiana workers’ compensation, were created specifically for those who are injured while working in maritime or admiralty industries.

    Anyone who has been injured while working as a seaman and needs help understanding whether they are entitled to compensation should contact a Terrebonne Parish seaman injury lawyer. Maritime laws can be complex and claims filed under the Jones Act or the General Maritime Law can be denied if not completed exactly to specifications. This is where a Terrebonne Parish seaman injury lawyer can help most.

    Call a Terrebonne Parish seaman injury attorney at Kopfler & Hermann today to find out more about what types of compensation are available to you and your family.