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    Houma Commercial Trucking Accident Lawyer

    The sheer size and mass of commercial trucks alone may place truck accidents on a different level of severity compared to most car accidents. A person involved in a truck collision could experience severe injuries to their neck, head, or back that cause trauma to the brain or even paralysis. Lost wages, increasing debt, and an endless flow of medical bills can put enormous strain on you, especially if you are trying to recover from traumatic injuries with long-term or permanent consequences at the same time.

    If you were in a truck accident recently, a Houma commercial trucking accident lawyer can assist you. A dedicated truck collision attorney can help you learn more about what your rights as well as your legal options. Time could be of the essence in these cases, and you may not want to lose on compensation to which you may be entitled.

    Commercial Trucking Accidents and Personal Injury

    If a person sues a commercial trucking company after having been in an accident, their case would fall under the purview of Louisiana’s personal injury laws. The statute of limitations for Louisiana personal injury cases grants a person one year from the date of their accident to file a lawsuit.

    If a person tries to commence a lawsuit after the one-year window, their claim would likely be barred.

    Even when a person is partially at fault for an accident, they may still be entitled to sue for damages since Louisiana is a comparative fault state. However, if a jury assigns a percentage of fault to the plaintiff in a truck accident case, their damages can be reduced equal to that percentage. For example, if a plaintiff was determined to be 20 percent at fault, any final payout they received would be reduced by that same 20 percent. Fortunately, a Houma commercial trucking accident lawyer could fight to get the plaintiff the compensation that they deserve.

    Investigating an Accident

    There are three main components to a trucking accident investigation, which are as follows:

    • Preserving evidence – It is important to make sure that all essential documents are preserved, especially any documents related to the truck driver, as there may be patterns of unsafe driving that might indicate liability
    • Investigating the scene of the accident – A thorough investigator could be able to identify small details that might not make it into an accident report, yet may be very relevant to a person’s case
    • Investigating the truck – Sometimes a manufacturing or maintenance error may cause a collision, so it is important to act quickly, as the defendants may try to remove any evidence that could prove their liability

    In addition, commercial trucking accidents usually involve a number of individuals, so having an experienced Houma attorney advocating on one’s behalf can be critical. A diligent attorney should know exactly what to look for in an investigation to increase the likelihood of a favorable settlement or litigation outcome.

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