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    LaFourche Parish SSDI Lawyer

    The Social Security Disability Insurance or SSDI program offers much-needed financial relief to workers who have become unable to return to work due to physical or mental impairments, whether caused by illness or injury. Some workers, however, may receive an initial denial of benefits, which requires them to immediately appeal the denial and fight for the benefits for which they have worked. A LaFourche Parish SSDI lawyer can help you navigate after a denial of benefits and work towards a successful appeal.

    The appeals process for SSDI benefits can be complicated and require you to compile substantial amounts of medical evidence. An experienced personal injury lawyer may be able to help review and accumulate this evidence to build the most persuasive case possible on your behalf. This can be a crucial step toward protecting your right to receive SSDI benefits when you have become disabled and unable to work.

    Eligibility Requirements for Social Security Benefits in LaFourche Parish

    The eligibility requirements for SSDI are both financial and medical. First, individuals must prove that they have earned enough Social Security credits based on their age. The number of credits that individuals have acquired and the amount of their earnings help determine the amount of SSDI benefits to which individuals may be entitled.

    If individuals meet the earnings criteria for SSDI benefits eligibility, they then must offer proof that their medical conditions prevent or limit them from engaging in substantial gainful activity, which the Social Security Administration defines as the ability to generate a specific amount of earnings per month. To qualify for benefits, medical professionals must expect an individual’s impairments to last for at least 12 months or to result in death. Since meeting these eligibility requirements can require a great deal of evidence, the assistance of a LaFourche Parish SSDI lawyer can be essential for individuals to provide the proof that they need to maintain a successful claim for benefits.

    Criteria and Conditions for SSDI

    The Social Security Administration maintains a listing of specific impairments or disabling conditions and the criteria that claimants must meet to be recover benefits. However, even if the impairments of the applicants do not meet or equate to one of the listings, they still may be able to establish eligibility for SSDI benefits.

    Individuals still could qualify for SSDI benefits without meeting one or more impairment based on their residual functional capacities, or RFC. This assessment measures the impact that medical conditions have on the ability of individuals to do basic work-related tasks. Medical evidence and in some cases, an independent medical examination by a doctor furnished by SSA can provide proof of RFC.

    Obtaining medical records can be instrumental in establishing eligibility for SSD benefits. The results of diagnostic tests, physician’s notes, and examination results by specialists all can help support a successful claim for SSDI benefits. With the assistance of a LaFourche Parish SSDI attorney, individuals may have a better chance of qualifying for benefits without going through all levels of the often-lengthy appeal process.

    Speak to a LaFourche Parish SSDI Attorney Today

    Accumulating sufficient medical evidence to support a valid claim for SSDI benefits can be a difficult task. A LaFourche Parish SSDI lawyer can make this process much more manageable and help reduce stress.

    If you have been denied Social Security benefits from SSA, you have the right to appeal the denial. Call today to learn more about the SSDI claims process and how to recover benefits.