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    Lafourche Parish Crane Injury Lawyer

    A crane is a massively powerful piece of equipment, usually operating at construction sites and shipyards. Crane accidents may lead to serious injuries, which could sometimes be catastrophic or even fatal. If you were injured in such an accident, contact a dedicated Lafourche Parish crane injury lawyer. They can review the facts surrounding the event that led to your injury and work to develop a comprehensive argument for compensation.

    Determining liability in such an accident may be more complicated than a traditional injury case, as multiple parties could be responsible for the injury. Enlisting the assistance of a seasoned attorney can help a person more accurately assess their case which may make the process of seeking compensation more seamless.

    Possible Crane-Related Accidents and Injury

    Construction site jobs—as well as industrial labor tasks—often require the use of cranes for the improvement and maintenance of infrastructure. A worker could be grievously injured or even fatally injured if the negligence of others leads to unsafe working conditions.

    Since the primary function of cranes typically is to move heavy equipment such as planks and steel beams, construction workers and other individuals near such equipment commonly have an increased risk of incurring a serious injury. Manufacturing defects, poor maintenance, or insufficient safety measures may also substantially increase a worker’s risk of experiencing a devastating injury. Whether it is a third-party personal injury claim or a workers’ compensation case, a dedicated Lafourche Parish crane injury attorney can help and possibly carry out a thorough investigation into all aspects of potential compensation.

    Potential compensable injuries resulting from crane accidents commonly may include:

    • Disfigurement
    • Paralysis
    • Brain damage
    • Dismemberment
    • Spinal cord injuries
    • Amputation
    • Back injuries
    • Death

    How Could Someone Determine Responsibility for a Crane Accident?

    In a Lafourche Parish crane accident, one of two specific parties is likely to be responsible. First and foremost, negligent behavior by a crane operator may result in injury not only to themselves but also to many others. Injured parties may pursue a claim against a crane operator whether they were injured at work or as a passerby at a construction site.

    Alternatively, someone injured in a crane accident may be able to establish that the crane was manufactured in a substandard way or that it was poorly maintained in order to claim compensation. In this case, a Lafourche Parish crane injury lawyer can help prove an owner or employer liable for inadequate maintenance, or a manufacturing company liable for a defective crane.

    Proving Fault in Crane Accidents

    To recover damages, it is generally essential to prove that losses and injuries suffered in a crane accident were caused wholly or partly by another party. This generally involves demonstrating that the defendant had a reasonable duty of care which they failed to uphold and that this breach of duty directly caused a claimant’s physical injury.

    In addition to losses and injuries that took place during the accident, it also may be important to take into consideration damages that may have an impact in the future. As such, compensable losses for a crane-related injury may include medical costs, emotional distress, loss of income or earning capacity, pain and suffering, the decrease in quality of life, and loss of consortium.

    What is the Role of Comparative Negligence in a Crane Accident?

    If a crane accident in Lafourche Parish was caused by somebody else, proving this fact may become critical in Louisiana because of the law of comparative negligence. Under the theory of comparative negligence, many parties may share fault in an accident.

    This could also mean that if the party filing the lawsuit is partly responsible for the accident, they may find the amount of compensation they receive reduced. For instance, if a plaintiff is 40 percent responsible for their own injuries, their final damage award would likewise be reduced by 40 percent.

    Speak to a Lafourche Parish Crane Injury Attorney

    Crane accident victims in Lafourche Parish typically must consider a variety of legal factors and concerns in their cases. Accordingly, you may benefit from professional help if you ever find yourself in such a situation.

    A reliable Lafourche Parish crane injury lawyer can work with you to determine the precise cause of the accident and assign responsibility for any negligence that might have been committed by others. To get started exploring your options, call today to schedule a consultation.