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    St. Helena Parish Burn Injury Lawyer

    If you have suffered significant burn injuries, the effects can be devastating and last a lifetime. This is because serious burns may frequently lead to permanent scarring, disfigurement, and debilitating pain from nerve damage.

    Due to these considerable side effects, the financial costs of dealing with these injuries can become overwhelming. Fortunately, an attorney can help you achieve financial stability by pursuing a claim for compensation on your behalf. To learn more about your chances of recovery, contact a St. Helena Parish burn injury lawyer immediately.

    Types of Burn Injuries

    Medical professionals categorize burn injuries by their severity. As the severity of a burn increases, the course of treatment may become more costly and involved. For instance, minor burns can heal in a matter of days while serious injuries can result in hospitalization. A St. Helena Parish burn injury attorney could review an injured party’s medical records to identify how the severity of their burns may impact the value of their case.

    First-Degree Burns

    A first-degree burn is the least severe type of heat-related injury because it only affects the outermost skin layer. The symptoms of superficial burns may include redness, pain, and irritation. These burns may not last more than a few days.

    Second-Degree Burns

    Second-degree burns affect more than just the outer layer of skin. When someone sustains a second-degree burn, they may experience blistering, redness, and pain.

    Third-Degree Burns

    Third-degree burns are serious injuries that may require immediate medical attention. Despite their severe nature, third-degree burns may not be immediately painful because of significant damage to nerve endings. These severe heat-related injuries may result in charred and blackened skin.

    Fourth-Degree Burns

    Fourth-degree burns damage the skin in addition to the muscle and bone underneath. These heat-related injuries may lead to significant scarring and disfigurement. In the worst cases, fourth-degree burns can become fatal.

    Establishing Fault

    Monetary recovery may only become available to an injured plaintiff if they can establish that the defendant was negligent. A St. Helena Parish lawyer with experience in burn injury could help a plaintiff demonstrate that the defendant owed them a duty of care and violated this legal obligation by acting recklessly.

    Proving that a negligent party had a legal obligation to the plaintiff can be difficult, depending on the circumstances surrounding the heat-related injury. If the burn occurred following a vehicle crash, establishing a duty of care can be simple. However, if the burn occurred due to a hazardous condition on the defendant’s property, it can be more challenging to determine if a duty of care exists.

    To further establish a defendant’s negligence, a claimant also must prove that they suffered losses as a result of the defendant’s careless actions or intentional behavior. In a burn injury lawsuit, an injured party’s damages may include the physical, emotional, and financial consequences of their accident.

    Contact a St. Helena Parish Burn Injury Attorney

    Burn injuries can carry life-long consequences and major medical expenses. If you suffered severe burns through no fault of your own, you deserve compensation from the responsible party. To pursue compensation for your injuries, reach out to a St. Helena Parish burn injury lawyer and schedule an initial case consultation.