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    Tangipahoa Parish Car Accident Lawyer

    Negligent drivers could make poor decisions on the road, may drive while distracted or under the influence, and might take reckless risks that place you in danger. Car collisions are one of the most common sources of injuries. While minor car wrecks could saddle individuals with extensive property damage, severe accidents may lead to life-threatening injuries.

    If you are hurt because of someone else’s negligence, it may be beneficial to speak with a Tangipahoa Parish car accident lawyer. A dedicated personal injury attorney should review your case to help you seek compensation for the frustrating long-term repercussions of a car accident.

    Statute of Limitations in Car Crash Cases

    Following a car accident, injured people have a limited amount of time to file a claim. As established in Louisiana Civil Code § 3492, injury lawsuits must be filed within a year of the date of the accident. This deadline remains the same no matter what type of car accident an individual is involved in.

    While state law recognizes the different harm people may suffer and allows them to recover financial compensation, all claims are subject to this statutory time limit. Failing to meet this standard could result in the court dismissing a plaintiff’s case. Coordinating with a Tangipahoa Parish car wreck attorney to stay abreast of this limitation may be key to achieving a successful outcome in a civil case.

    Potential Damages Available in an Automobile Wreck

    The damages available after a car collision vary depending on the nature of the injuries involved and the accident itself. These potential damages may not be confined to an injured person’s medical expenses and may include compensation for all the repercussions of the crash, both economic and non-economic in nature.

    Economic damages may include property damage, medical expenses, lost wages or earning potential, and other losses that have a clear dollar value that may be demonstrated to the court. A compassionate lawyer can work with injured individuals to help collect evidence of these losses. This may include statements from insurance companies, bills from repair shops, and documentation of medical expenses.

    Car accidents might also leave people without an income, as injured people may need time away from work to recover and cannot make their usual wages during that time. With the proper documentation, injured people could recover the value of lost work time.

    Car wreck plaintiffs are likely to experience significant physical pain and suffering from their injuries. While these damages rarely have a clear economic value, a car accident lawyer in Tangipahoa Parish can help determine the value of these non-economic damages and present a comprehensive claim to the court or an insurance company.

    Talk to a Tangipahoa Parish Car Accident Attorney

    If you were involved in a car collision that was someone else’s fault, you have the legal right to seek compensation for all the harm you suffered. Insurance companies might attempt to downplay accident-related injuries and may offer settlement amounts that do not reflect the level of harm sustained.

    Allow a Tangipahoa Parish car accident lawyer to evaluate the whole cost of injuries and help ensure you are fairly compensated. Reach out today to schedule an initial consultation and discuss the details of your car accident.