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    Tangipahoa Parish Dangerous Drugs Lawyer

    With the help of widespread advertising campaigns, the general public is often led to believe that prescription and over-the-counter drugs are always thoroughly tested for safety. Unfortunately, this is not always true. Some companies prioritize profit over safety, so many such drugs are rushed to the market with little testing.

    Consumers who were harmed due to ingestion of hazardous drugs should speak to a well-versed Tangipahoa Parish dangerous drugs lawyer for help. A dedicated personal injury attorney can help hold the drug company liable for their lack of concern for consumer safety.

    Federal Law Mandates Drug Testing

    The Kefauver-Harris Amendments of 1962 were passed to keep dangerous drugs from entering the market. Under these amendments, manufacturers are required to prove the effectiveness of the drugs and must report any serious side effects. Even still, the pharmaceutical industry has found ways to skirt the law under certain circumstances and make their drugs available without the stringent testing that consumers need and deserve.

    FDA Dangerous Drug Recalls

    When a drug has too many side effects or problems, the manufacturer can announce a voluntary recall, or the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) may decide to force the recall. Based on the severity of possible health consequences, there are several classes of drug recalls:

    • A Class I recall involves products that can cause severe side effects or may even be fatal
    • A Class II recall occurs when a drug has the potential to cause temporary or reversible side effects, and the chance of the consumer having a serious side effect is small
    • A Class III recall is announced when the use or exposure of a drug might cause an adverse reaction

    Optional Market Withdrawals

    When a drug is found to have minor defects that are not subject to FDA actions and the risk to consumers is low, a drug company can simply remove the drug from the market. This is often done if the manufacturer believes that the drug was tampered with, even if the problem occurred after the manufacturing process.

    Even when recalls or market withdrawals occur, consumers may still suffer injury due to dangerous drugs. Consumers who are injured or harmed should discuss their situation with a skilled Tangipahoa Parish dangerous drugs attorney to determine if their circumstances justify legal action to recover damages.

    Drug Safety Alerts

    The FDA occasionally issues drug safety alerts to warn consumers, doctors, and other medical professionals about the potential side effects of a specific drug. It is important to note that a safety alert does not remove the product from the market—it is only meant to provide a warning that the drug may eventually need to be recalled.

    It is not required that a drug be recalled before a potential plaintiff can file a lawsuit. A knowledgeable Tangipahoa Parish dangerous medication lawyer can help injured individuals understand how a drug safety alert may affect their claim.

    Speak to a Tangipahoa Parish Dangerous Drugs Attorney

    When you take medication of any kind, you hope that it will help improve your symptoms or cure your ailments. Unfortunately, many drugs have the opposite effect and can hurt you more than they help you.

    If you suffered harm due to a dangerous medical product, a seasoned attorney may be able to help. A tenacious Tangipahoa Parish dangerous drugs lawyer can work with you to hold the responsible party accountable for your injuries and seek fair compensation. Call today to get started on your claim.