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    Assumption Parish Commercial Trucking Accident Lawyer

    Collisions between commercial trucks and passenger vehicles can result in catastrophic injuries. These serious injuries can result in traumatic brain injuries, spinal injuries, amputations, and—in particularly severe cases—death. The rehabilitation process for these cases can be long and arduous, and sometimes the damage can be permanent.

    Either way, you may face many emotional, mental, and financial challenges in the wake of such an incident, including loss of income and mounting debt and medical bills. With the assistance of a dedicated personal injury attorney specializing in personal injury cases, you should be able to overcome some of these challenges.

    If you were involved in a truck accident recently, you may be eligible to receive compensation from the liable party. An Assumption Parish commercial trucking accident lawyer could help you seek financial recovery for all your damages, including intangible losses like pain and suffering. Every case is unique, and a skilled attorney could evaluate the specific details of your case to make sure that your best interests are represented.

    Common Compensable Injuries in a Trucking Accident

    If a person is lucky enough to walk away from a trucking accident unscathed, they should count their blessings. Most times, people involved in collisions with commercial trucks face serious injuries, some of which may include:

    • Head and neck injuries, including traumatic brain injury, concussion, and facial disfigurement
    • Back injuries such as spinal cord injury, fracture, herniated disc, and paralysis
    • Internal injuries to organs
    • Fractures and broken bones
    • Lacerations and amputations
    • Burns
    • Psychological and emotional trauma

    Negligence Law in Commercial Trucking Accidents

    When a person brings a lawsuit against a commercial trucking company, their case typically falls under the scope of Louisiana personal injury laws. Under these laws, a potential plaintiff has one year after the date of their accident to file a lawsuit against the negligent parties. After the one-year statute of limitations has expired, a person will have lost their right to sue.

    Therefore, it is important to call an Assumption Parish commercial trucking accident attorney as soon as possible to ensure that important rights are preserved.

    Comparative Fault

    It is also important to note that Louisiana is a comparative fault state. This means that even if a person is partially responsible for the accident that injured them, they are still entitled to sue.

    As an Assumption Parish attorney can further explain, in a comparative fault system, a plaintiff’s award may be reduced if they are found to have a percentage of the responsibility for the commercial trucking accident. Specifically, if a person is found to be 30 percent at fault, their final damage award would be reduced in value by 30 percent.

    Let an Assumption Parish Commercial Trucking Accident Attorney Help

    In a trucking accident case, time is often of the essence. An experienced Assumption Parish commercial trucking accident lawyer could work to make sure that your rights and interests are protected at every turn.

    A lawyer will work tirelessly to make sure that you receive the compensation to which you are entitled, whether that means negotiating with the insurance company or litigation in court. Do not waste time in cases like these. For a free consultation, call today.