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    Fourchon Crew Boat Accident Lawyer

    Crew boats and the workers aboard them can be responsible for everything from assisting in transporting workers from the landing to location and back, to performing maintenance aboard the crew boat in a variety of contexts. Regardless, the vast majority of their job is performed while on a boat. As a result, any injury that occurs while on the job is not governed by workers’ compensation law but instead falls under the category of maritime law.

    A Fourchon crew boat accident lawyer could help crew boat workers demand compensation after they suffer an injury at work. By combining an understanding of the law with a forceful demand letter, a dedicated maritime attorney could get an injured worker the compensation they deserve without ever going to court.

    How an Injury May Occur on a Crew Boat

    Work on a crew boat can be deceptively dangerous. There are a number of things that can go wrong that would jeopardize the safety of the workers on board. If the boat is not properly maintained or suffers a catastrophic event, it may sink or capsize. It is also possible for a crew boat worker’s duties to cause an injury, as these jobs often require the use of complicated tools and the movement of sometimes hazardous cargo. As a result, a lapse in judgment or even a slip of the hand may result in a serious accident.

    Any injury that occurs while working on a crew boat can be the source of a personal injury lawsuit. Unlike most other professions, crew boat workers and other employees on the water are not covered by workers’ compensation insurance. Instead, they must look to federal maritime law for relief.

    Obtaining Compensation when Injured at Sea

    In the early 20th century, the federal government recognized the needs of workers on ships to obtain compensation when injured on the job. It also recognizes that what few workers’ compensation laws existed at the time did not sufficiently protect these employees. As a result, Congress passed the Merchant Maritime Act of 1920.

    Enumerated in 46 U.S.C. §30104, this legislation—more commonly known as the Jones Act—specifically gives workers a cause of action to file a personal injury lawsuit against their employer in a United States District Court or state court after being injured on a ship. This is in direct opposition to workers’ compensation laws, which never allow an injured worker to directly sue their employer.

    The prospect of suing an employer may intimidate some people, but a Fourchon crew boat accident lawyer could help injured workers and their families stand up for their rights and seek the compensation that they deserve.

    Talking to a Fourchon Crew Boat Accident Attorney

    Injuries that occur on crew boats are all too common. Even though these vessels are sometimes smaller, they are subjected to many of the same hazards that affect oceangoing ships. In addition, as with any other profession involving physical labor, the potential for injuries from falls drops, and other mechanical failures is high.

    Whenever these incidents result in an injury, you have the right to demand compensation. However, unlike most workers who must demand payment from an insurance company, an injured crew boat worker must directly sue their employer in order to be compensated.

    An experienced Fourchon crew boat accident lawyer should be prepared to fight for the legal rights of injured Fourchon crew boat workers and throughout Louisiana. They understand the Jones Act and how it affects the lives of all employees who work on the sea. Contact an attorney today to see how they might be able to help you.