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    Fourchon Seaman Injury Lawyer

    It is a well-known fact that seamen and others who work around ships put themselves in life-threatening situations almost daily. When a ship is underway, most injuries occur on deck, which may result in devastating and sometimes fatal injuries.

    Some of the most common deck accidents could include compressed air accidents, electrical shocks, exposure to chemicals, deck tools and machinery accidents, and falls overboard. Regardless of how your accident happened, recovery is the only thing you should have to focus your time and energy on. A Fourchon seaman injury lawyer can handle the rest and help to get what you deserve. Contact a passionate maritime injury lawyer today that can get started on your case.

    Maritime Employer Negligence

    Although nothing can make an accident resulting in injury at sea acceptable, seamen who are injured at work tend to have more rights than workers in other industries. Seamen may not be permitted to collect workers’ compensation, but they have similar coverage under the Jones Act.

    Under the Jones Act, ship employers are required to provide all crew with a safe place to work and maintain their vessels in safe conditions. This may include:

    • Providing safety gear
    • Maintaining equipment onboard
    • Undergoing safety operations during inclement weather

    Every vessel must be seaworthy and free of any known hazards or dangerous conditions. Unlike workers who can collect workers’ comp benefits, seamen are permitted to sue their employer for negligence when they are injured on the job. If an employer is found to be even somewhat neglectful of their duties, the seaman may be able to collect damages for their injuries, a process which a Fourchon seaman injury attorney would be happy to assist with.

    Vessel Accident Damages

    The legal term “damages” refers to the types of compensation that can be awarded to an injured maritime worker. The list of damages that injured workers may receive can include:

    • Room and board
    • Medical expenses
    • Lost wages
    • Pain and suffering

    A Fourchon seaman injury lawyer can help to explain what an individual deserves following an accident by assessing the result of the maritime accident.

    Explaining Potential Damages in a Seaman Injury Case

    Room and board may include things like rent or mortgage payments, utilities, property taxes, homeowner’s insurance, and food that an injured disabled seaman might be unable pay for. Since a debilitating injury may mean that a seaman cannot return to work for a long period of time, they can be reimbursed for wages lost due to time off work. This may include compensation for the estimated future loss of salary as well.

    Medical expenses such as hospital stays, surgeries, x-rays, the cost of future medical care, and medications are covered as well. In terms of general pain and suffering—a blanket term for non-economic losses that may cause a person to suffer in the short or long-term—may be included in a settlement demand.

    Contacting a Fourchon Seaman Injury Attorney

    If you were injured while working at sea, an “accidents happen” approach is not going to protect your future or the economic well-being of your family. Even worse, leaving a Jones Act lawsuit in the hands of a novice can lead to insufficient compensation.

    Contact an experienced Fourchon seaman injury lawyer today. An attorney who may be knowledgeable about the legal avenues available to you can fight to get you the compensation you are eligible for. Call today to schedule an initial consultation and start exploring your options.