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    Fourchon Dredge Worker Injury Lawyer

    In Fourchon, it is necessary to periodically remove sludge, silt, and other refuse to ensure the waterway is passable for vessels. Dredge workers who perform this vital job utilize a combination of hand tools, motorized equipment, and heavy machinery. These job requirements can mean the job can carry a significant danger of severe workplace injuries or even death.

    A Fourchon dredge worker injury lawyer could help employees who were injured on the job to make a claim for compensation under Federal maritime laws. This can be a complex process where a plaintiff needs to file a lawsuit in Federal Court. A skilled maritime injury attorney could assist clients with gathering evidence, understanding the applicable laws, and pursuing their cases in court with diligence and compassion.

    Laws on Workplace Injuries on Dredge Boats

    Injuries that occur while working on a boat fall under a specialized area of the law. While most employees can seek payments for their losses under workers’ compensation, employees who are injured while working on a barge must pursue a personal injury lawsuit to obtain compensation. This compensation can provide payments for the costs of necessary medical treatment, any loss of future earnings, and even for any loss of enjoyment of life or pain and suffering.

    A federal law, known as the Jones Act, listed at 46 U.S.C. §30104, states that injured workers on vessels can sue their employers directly for their losses. This law only applies to workers who do the majority of their work on a vessel and if the injury directly relates to their performance of job duties.

    The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that workers on dredge boats fall can sue for compensation under this law. Therefore, injured workers cannot file a worker’s compensation claim and instead must pursue an injury claim in federal or state court for compensation for their injuries.

    Common Injuries Sustained While Dredging

    Injuries commonly occur to dredge workers. This is because dredging (including suction dredging) is difficult, labor-intensive work that involves the use of power tools and heavy machinery. Workers can also fall into the water, sprain joints by slipping on wet surfaces or suffer broken bones from malfunctioning tools or the weight of heavy machinery. Common injuries endured by dredge workers include:

    • Broken bones
    • Sprained joints in knees or shoulders
    • Spinal cord injuries
    • Brain injuries

    It is important to remember that any on-the-job injury can be the basis of a claim under the Jones Act. This can be a singular traumatic incident or a long-term accumulation of pain as a result of performing the job.

    Compensation in these cases can come in many forms. A case can demand payments for medical costs but could also include compensation for permanent disability, loss of ability, and mental anguish. A Fourchon dredge worker injury lawyer could help injured workers obtain the fair benefits they deserve.

    Let a Fourchon Dredge Worker Injury Attorney Help

    Dredging is a difficult yet vital job for all of Louisiana’s waterways. It requires both great physical strength and a keen attention to detail. Still, even the most cautious worker are vulnerable to an injury on the job that can temporarily or permanently reduce their ability to earn a living.

    When this is the case, an employee has the right to seek compensation by suing their employers in federal court or state under the Jones Act. Unlike most other work injuries where an employee may file a claim under workers’ compensation, injured workers on vessels, including dredgers, must pursue compensation through a 3rd-party lawsuit. A Fourchon dredge worker injury lawyer could help injured workers to pursue these claims. Contact an attorney today to see how they could help you.