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    Hammond Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

    Individuals residing in nursing homes are among the most vulnerable in our society. They rely on nursing homes to care and keep them safe. Unfortunately, too many nursing home residents experience abuse or neglect from the staff.

    If you believe your elderly loved one has suffered abuse due to the negligent actions of another, a Hammond nursing home abuse lawyer can investigate the claim and advise you of your options. Seek help from a knowledgeable personal injury attorney to learn about how you may be eligible to seek compensation.

    Types of Assisted Living Abuse

    Nursing home abuse falls into various categories. In Louisiana, nursing home abuse criminal actions fall under a law known as the Abuse and Neglect of Adults Act.

    Forms of nursing home abuse include:

    • Sexual abuse
    • Physical abuse
    • Emotional abuse
    • Food denial
    • Lack of medical care
    • Failure to administer medication
    • Financial abuse

    A Hammond nursing home abuse attorney can investigate the claim and prove that the facility’s negligence led to the elder’s damages in court.

    Common Signs of Negligence

    Many nursing home residents no longer have the mental capacity to clearly articulate when they are being abused or neglected. That is why is it imperative that their loved ones recognize signs of possible abuse. The common signs of abuse and neglect include:

    • Unexplained bruising, broken bones, scrapes
    • Apparent fear of nursing home staff
    • Appetite loss
    • Social withdrawal
    • Medication errors
    • Poor hygiene
    • Changes in behavior

    One of the most obvious signs of nursing home abuse or neglect is the development of severe bedsores in a patient. Patients with mobility issues are especially prone to bedsores, also known as pressure sores or decubitus ulcers. These ulcers are preventable if the patient is turned every few hours and nursing home staff examine patients carefully daily for early signs of these ulcers. In a worst-case scenario, bedsore can lead to deep infection and death.

    By reporting abuse or neglect and pursuing a lawsuit, other residents who do not have family or other advocates may no longer suffer at the hands of nursing home staff.

    Deadline to File a Claim in Hammond

    As with any personal injury case in Louisiana, the plaintiff has one year from the date of the incident to file a civil lawsuit. Claimants may not be eligible to seek compensation if the claim is not filed within the statute of limitations. That is why it is essential to contact a seasoned local lawyer as soon as possible after neglect and mistreatment are discovered.

    Speak to a Hammond Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

    When a family leaves their loved ones in the hands of a nursing home staff, they should trust that their elderly family member will be safely taken care of. When the nursing home staff fails to live up to standard, they could be held liable in court.

    If you believe your elderly loved one is a victim of nursing home abuse, a skilled attorney could help you seek justice. Seek help from an experienced Hammond nursing home abuse lawyer to learn about your legal options.