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    St. Mary Parish Bicycle Accident Lawyer

    Due to the lack of safety afforded to cyclists, bicycle crashes often have devastating consequences. However, if another person’s negligence caused an accident, an injured individual may be able to pursue compensation in a civil lawsuit.

    Therefore, if you were injured while cycling, it may be beneficial to call a St. Mary Parish bicycle accident lawyer for legal assistance. A dedicated personal injury attorney can address your questions and concerns, discuss your legal options, and work to pursue a claim on your behalf.

    Common Causes of Cycling Accidents

    Numerous factors can cause or contribute to a bicycle crash. Additionally, depending upon the circumstances, there may be multiple parties who can be held liable for injuries resulting from a cycling collision.

    For example, a negligent driver might be partially to blame, as well as a municipality who did not ensure that the quality of a roadway was sufficient. An experienced St. Mary Parish bike accident attorney can work to identify who might be at fault and, once established, pursue compensation on an injured claimant’s behalf.

    Some of these may include:

    • Poor visibility
    • A reckless driver
    • Someone driving under the influence
    • A distracted driver
    • A motorist failing to yield
    • Poor road conditions

    Is There a Time Limit to File a Bike Accident Claim?

    Injured parties should be aware of a time limit that exists for filing claims, outlined under Lousiana Civil Code Article 3492 . This time limit, known as the statute of limitations, sets a one-year deadline from the date of an accident wherein an injured individual can file a claim.

    If an injured party does not meet this statutory deadline, a potential defendant may make a motion for dismissal, and this petitioner can lose their opportunity to recover compensation. As a result, anyone looking to pursue a bicycle collision claim may benefit from contacting a proactive St. Mary Parish attorney.

    What Damages Are Recoverable in a Bicycle Crash Lawsuit?

    Someone injured in a cycling crash may be able to recover numerous losses resulting from an injury. Along with medical bills and expenses, damages also may include loss of earning potential, lost wages, travel and legal expenses, and physical or emotional pain.

    While these forms of compensation may not make up for the suffering experienced by a claimant, they can help relieve the financial stress of a serious accident. A compassionate St. Mary Parish lawyer who has experience handling bicycle accident claims could work with an injured party to calculate the full extent of their losses.

    Consult a St. Mary Parish Bicycle Accident Attorney for Assistance

    After suffering a serious injury, you may be overwhelmed and unsure of how to proceed. However, when another person is responsible for your losses, you should not have to cover the resulting expenses alone.

    A St. Mary Parish bicycle accident lawyer can help. If you sustained injuries or property damage in a cycling crash, a dedicated attorney can assess the circumstances of your accident, establish fault, and file a thorough claim on your behalf. To get started, call a legal professional today.