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    St. Mary Parish Truck Accident Lawyer

    Commercial truck accidents can be different from other collisions involving passenger vehicles for a variety of reasons. One is that, due to their substantial weight and size, a truck has the potential to cause devasting damage to a passenger vehicle should they ever collide. Another notable difference is the litigation process for these cases, which typically changes due to industry-specific safety regulations and the possibility that multiple parties could face legal liability.

    Consider consulting a St. Mary Parish truck accident lawyer if either you or a loved has sustained injuries in a wreck involving a semi-truck, big-rig, or another large commercial vehicle. You should be able to focus on recuperating while an experienced personal injury attorney pursues damages for all accident-related losses and expenses.

    Causes of Truck Accidents

    While many measures have been taken over the years to reduce the likelihood of accidents involving commercial vehicles, the fact remains that truck collisions continue to be a major problem. There are many circumstances that may lead to a devastating truck accident. A St. Mary Parish attorney can review the cause of a truck accident and determine who may be legally at fault.

    Driver Fatigue

    Long-haul truckers frequently spend many consecutive hours behind the wheel under extreme pressure to make deliveries quickly and efficiently. Despite strict hours of service (HOS) regulations that govern the working hours of truck drivers, many individuals in this demanding line of work operate their vehicles with dangerously little sleep. Fatigue leads to a loss of concentration and coordination, raising the risk of an accident.

    Driver Impairment

    Unfortunately, some truckers get behind the wheel while under the influence of alcohol and drugs. Someone who was hurt by an impaired truck driver may be able to seek compensation for their negligent and wrongful behavior.

    Inadequate Maintenance & Defective Parts

    Commercial truck owners are required to periodically inspect their vehicles and promptly address all serious mechanical problems. If a trucking company fails to maintain their vehicle, accidents may occur. A defective part also may seriously disrupt a truck’s ability to function properly and lead to a wreck.

    Potentially Liable Parties

    Establishing who may be liable in a semi-truck accident case can be difficult because of the number of people who come into contact with these vehicles. Therefore, one of the critical tasks of a St. Mary Parish attorney during the initial stages of a lawsuit is to identify which party – or parties – may be held legally liable in a truck accident case.

    Truck Driver

    Negligent or reckless driver behavior is one of the main causes of truck accidents. These actions may include driving while fatigued or under the influence, being distracted behind the wheel, or ignoring a malfunctioning part.

    Trucking Company

    Hiring drivers with insufficient training or a questionable record, pushing workers to violate HOS regulations, and skimping on maintenance are all examples of how a trucking company can potentially face legal liability in the event of a serious crash.


    If an accident may have a connection to a defective part, the manufacturer may be liable under product liability law. An attorney may have to explore that possibility in great detail if a defendant argues that another party may be partially to blame.

    Contact a St. Mary Parish Truck Accident Attorney

    A semi-truck crash may result in extensive property damage and cause one or more individuals to sustain serious bodily injuries. A St. Mary Parish truck accident lawyer could offer you legal guidance following a collision with a commercial vehicle. To get started on your case, contact our office today.