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    Houma Commercial Fishing Injury Lawyer 

    The Louisiana economy largely depends on commercial fishermen to produce seafood for the state and across the nation. Commercial fishermen have physically demanding jobs that often require them to risk their safety in order to get the work done.

    Given the inherent risks fishermen face, both Louisiana and the federal government heavily regulate this industry to help decrease the risks workers face. Employers who fail to adhere to these regulations face harsh penalties. Unfortunately, even stiff fines do not deter some employers from ignoring these laws. When a commercial fishing company fails to follow the law or otherwise acts negligently, they put their workers at risk for injury.

    If you suffered an injury at sea due to your employer’s negligence, call a Houma commercial fishing injury lawyer today. A distinguished maritime injury lawyer can help you pursue financial compensation for your injuries.

    Work Environment Risks

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention consider commercial fishing as one of the most dangerous industries in the United States.

    One reason for this classification is that commercial fishermen can only exert so much control over their work environment. They cannot control the seas or the weather, and these natural risks add to the other risks involved with working on a confined fishing vessel, such as:

    Any of these accidents can lead to serious physical injuries. Such injuries usually mean that the accident victim could miss part or all of a commercial season while they recover. Losing wages due to an injury can put a hurt fisherman in dire financial straits. However, when an employer’s negligence caused their injuries, commercial fishermen can sue for compensation for lost wages, medical bills, and more. If an individual does wish to pursue a claim, a qualified Houma commercial fishing injury attorney can help.

    What Compensation Is Available for Injured Commercial Fishermen?

    In most industries, workers injured on the job can seek workers’ compensation benefits due to their injuries.

    Usually, even when a worker suffers injury due to their boss’s negligence, the injured employee will file a workers’ compensation claim instead of a civil lawsuit. However, maritime employees in Louisiana cannot seek workers’ compensation under state law.

    This means that injured commercial fishermen in Houma can sue a negligent employer in court for their damages and financial losses. One common example of negligence on fishing boats is when an employer fails to inspect the vessel or the equipment.

    How Does Inadequate Safety Equipment Cause Injuries?

    Another common example of negligence in this industry is when an employer does not provide adequate safety equipment, such as life jackets or safety ropes, to the fishermen. When negligence causes injury, an injured fisherman can file a lawsuit.

    Those hurt on fishing vessels should contact a Houma commercial fishing injury attorney right away to learn whether they are entitled to compensation for their injuries.

    Calling a Houma Commercial Fishing Injury Attorney

    Proving negligence can be complicated, especially given the innate risks of working on a commercial fishing boat. To prove negligence, the injured worker must show that their employer failed to take reasonable action to avoid a foreseeable injury.

    Most commercial fishing injury cases arise from an employer’s willful ignorance of safety regulations, which then causes an injury.

    If you were hurt on a commercial fishing or shrimping vessel, and believe your employer is to blame, call a Houma commercial fishing injury lawyer today. Your employer could owe you money for your injuries.