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    Lafourche Parish Deckhand Maritime Injury Lawyer

    Thousands of ships pass through Lafourche Parish’s bayous, canals, ports, and terminals, making deckhands play a significant role in shipping and commercial fishing industries. Being a deckhand can be a rewarding but dangerous job. If you suffered injuries while working as a deckhand, a Lafourche Parish deckhand maritime injury lawyer could help you file a claim for compensation. Contact an established maritime injury attorney as soon as possible.

    Defining the Jones Act

    The Jones Act, also referred to as the Merchant Marine Act, provides certain Louisiana maritime and admiralty workers in Lafourche Parish with compensation when their illness or injury occurred while performing their duties.

    What Are Maritime Deckhand Injuries?

    There are many ways a deckhand could suffer injuries on the job. Some of the most common injuries deckhands face at work include but are not limited to drowning or falling into the water, tripping over debris such as rotting wood, unloading cargo originally loaded that shifted en-route to the ship’s destination, or exposure to cargo containing chemical hazards.

    Repetitive Strain Accidents

    In addition, deckhands may suffer repetitive strain or traumatic injuries from:

    • Unloading and loading cargo
    • Working on dry docks
    • Making ship repairs
    • Welding on barges or ships
    • Working on conveyor belts
    • Working with scrap metal
    • Transporting materials or cargo
    • Doing maintenance on a ship’s decks, hull, or super-structure

    Whatever type of injury suffered, deckhands still need to provide for themselves and their families when an accident occurs. Anyone who works in maritime and admiralty-related jobs may be entitled to compensation for lost income and medical bills when they are injured.

    Maintenance and Cure Claims

    Any seaman who is injured while in the service of the vessel is entitled to have all medical treatment for his injuries paid for by his employer. The injured seaman, if he so chooses, is entitled to be treated by a physician of his choice and not the Company Doctor. This medical treatment is known as Cure and the injured seaman should continue to receive treatment at the employer’s cost until he reaches maximum medical improvement.

    The employer is also required to provide maintenance, the rough equivalent of room and board, so long as the seaman is not fit for duty. If the employer unfairly refuses to pay for medical treatment or begin payment of maintenance following notice, a Lafourche Parish deckhand maritime injury lawyer can force the employer to begin payment and seek damages for the unfair refusal. These damages can include attorney fees and in some cases punitive damages

    What are Unseaworthy Vessel Claims?

    Unseaworthy vessel claims (also known as vessel negligence claims) provide Louisianans in Lafourche Parish who were injured while working on a boat or vessel with compensation if the vessel was not seaworthy or was dangerous.

    Contact a Lafourche Parish Deckhand Maritime Injury Attorney

    Deckhand injuries can be devastating and may require the help of a Lafourche Parish deckhand maritime injury lawyer who understands the commercial fishing and shipping industries. Regardless of how minor or severe your injury may seem, an experienced attorney could help you seek the compensation you need.

    A Lafourche Parish deckhand maritime injury lawyer may be able to analyze the facts of the case and determine whether to an injured maritime worker should pursue their claims throughout their state’s worker’s compensation system, or seek compensation under the federal longshore law.