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    Lafourche Parish Dredge Accident Lawyer

    Dredging is vital to keeping Louisiana’s waterways open and navigable. It is also a critical component of many environmental and constructions projects but unfortunately can put dredge and other maritime workers at risk of injury.

    If you suffered an injury in a dredging accident, it may be vital to speak with a skilled maritime injury attorney. Contact a Lafourche Parish dredge accident lawyer to find out what financial compensation you may be able to receive for your injuries.

    What Are Specific Dangers of Dredging?

    Dredge workers face multiple risks of injury or death which can be the result of the dangerous equipment used in dredging, as well as exposure to inclement weather while working. Injuries can also be due to failure to have safety standards in place or defective equipment. Far too often, dredge workers must get into the water in order remove large chunks of debris or repair equipment, which also exposes them to the potential of harm.

    A Lafourche Parish dredge accident lawyer knows that workers can also suffer adverse health issues from chemicals and other pollutants they frequently encounter. If the injury kills the worker, the family could file a wrongful death action and seek damages for loss of nurturing, loss of support, loss of education and training, loss of services, and any pain and suffering the victim endured before their death.


    Negligence Defined Under the Jones Act

    Congress first introduced the Jones Act into law in 1920 to protect injured seamen and their families. To collect damages under the Act, an individual must show that there was full or partial negligence on the part of the employer or ship owner. Common types of negligence that qualify under the Jones Act include:

    • Failure to provide a safe place to work
    • Failure to inspect the equipment and vessel
    • Failure to maintain safe appliances and equipment
    • Failure to provide safe work procedures and/or methods
    • Failure to warn of dangerous conditions
    • Failure to repair defective equipment
    • Failure to follow procedures and regulations
    • Failure to properly train and provide a competent crew

    Understanding Maritime Law for Dredge Workers

    When a dredge worker suffers a work-related injury or illness, unlike other types of occupations, there is no workers’ compensation insurance to protect them. Instead, because the injury takes place at sea, federal maritime laws—such as the Jones Act—cover them.

    An injured worker may recover medical expenses, as well as a stipend to pay for room and board while they are back on land recovering. Depending on the circumstances of the injury, they may also be able to recover past and future loss of income and compensation for pain and suffering.

    A dredge-related injury can leave a worker with expensive medical bills and an inability to work towards paying them. This may make it important for injured dredge workers to consult with a Lafourche Parish dredge accident lawyer. The Jones Act and maritime laws can be complex, and only experienced dredge accident lawyers fully understand the scope of these laws.