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    Ponchatoula Bus Accident Lawyer

    Collisions between buses and other vehicles can be catastrophic events. This is because not only are other motorists at risk, but passengers riding the bus are vulnerable to bodily harm as well. Any person who suffers an injury because of a negligent bus driver or another party should contact a skilled personal injury attorney to discuss their legal options. A Ponchatoula bus accident lawyer can help an injured claimant take the necessary legal steps to collect appropriate compensation.

    How Do Bus Accidents Happen?

     Bus drivers have the same obligations as all other motorists. These obligations are to travel safely and to follow all traffic laws. One common reason for a collision is a failure on the part of bus drivers to uphold this duty of care. For instance, when a bus driver violates a traffic law by speeding or neglecting to give the right of way, this could cause an accident. A bus driver who violates these laws is just as liable for an accident as a private citizen. In fact, as a commercial driver they are held to a higher standard.

    Other accidents are the result of the nature of the bus itself. These massive vehicles may be slow to stop in an emergency and can lead to lack of control of by the driver during poor weather. Additionally, the size of the bus creates blind spots that can limit the driver’s visibility when changing lanes or turning. A bus driver who fails to take these factors into account when operating their vehicle could be liable for any crash that occurs as a result. A Ponchatoula attorney can review the cause of a bus accident and determine if a claimant may have a viable claim.

    Determining Fault Following in a Bus Crash Case

    Injured claimants may only collect the compensation necessary to set things right if they can prove bus driver negligence. Pursuing this compensation often requires a plaintiff to engage in settlement talks with insurance agents who represent the bus company. These insurance groups may attempt to dispute the extent of a plaintiff’s losses or even try to shift blame for the accident onto the injured party.

    According to Louisiana Civil Code Article 2323, Ponchatoula courts must review all facts of a case and assign fault to all liable parties, which may include the claimant. In these situations, a court may then reduce a plaintiff’s award based on their percentage of fault.

    Therefore, drivers and passengers who suffer injuries in Ponchatoula bus accidents should retain a lawyer who can help fight against these allegations and pursue compensation. This requires a claimant and their attorney to gather sufficient evidence and to evaluate all of an individual’s losses fully.

    Contact a Ponchatoula Bus Accident Attorney

    Whenever a bus driver or another relevant party is at fault for an accident that causes injury to another person, this entity or person is liable to provide compensation. A Ponchatoula bus accident lawyer can help you pursue your claim for damages if you were involved in such a collision. These claims often demand payments for medical bills, emotional traumas, and lost wages.

    Still, defendants may fight to mitigate their liability, making obtaining proper payments challenging. An attorney can help. Contact our office today to schedule a case consultation.