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    Ponchatoula Bicycle Accident Lawyer

    Sharing the road is a responsibility that all drivers have and must take seriously. However, far too often, motorists do not take appropriate precautions when operating their vehicles around people on bikes. This can lead to drivers cutting bikers off, not yielding when required, or failing to check blind spots before changing lane.

    Because bike riders do have the same protections as motor vehicles, even low-speed crashes can inflict serious injuries. With these potentially life-altering losses, it is essential that injured bicyclists take appropriate steps to protect their legal rights.

    Contacting a Ponchatoula bicycle accident lawyer can be a step in the right direction. A skilled personal injury attorney can explain the law as it applies to bike accidents, gather the evidence needed to pursue a case, and help injured riders collect compensation from the at-fault party.

    How Do Traffic Laws Play a Role in Establishing Fault?

    Drivers and bicyclists hold many of the same rights and obligations under the law. In exchange for the right to use most public roads in the same manner as motorists, bikers must be sure to follow the same traffic laws.

    Therefore, a court that hears a claim for a bicycle accident considers the actions of both parties when determining fault. According to Louisiana Civil Code Article 2323, if that court believes a bicyclist shares some of the blame for a crash, that court may reduce a plaintiff’s award by their percentage of fault.

    As a result, it is essential for an injured bike rider to prove that a defendant driver was responsible for the collision. Evidence used to support this argument may include police reports, dashcam footage, third-party witness accounts, and accident reconstruction studies. A Ponchatoula bike accident attorney can help gather this vital evidence.

    How is Fair Compensation Obtained in Bike Accident Cases?

    Civil lawsuits allow injured claimants to seek compensation from liable parties for the losses they sustained. However, obtaining full payments for these damages may only be possible if a plaintiff can articulate those losses.

    Bike riders are especially vulnerable to server injuries that may require substantial medical treatment. As a result, injured cyclists may incur significant medical and hospital bills for the treatment of their injuries, both currently and in the future. A claimant may seek compensation for all of these expenses.

    Plaintiffs also must evaluate how the incident has affected their mental health. Some motor vehicle collisions that involve bicycles are traumatic incidents that can lead a rider to sustain serious emotional and mental trauma. While difficult to quantify, this loss in quality of life is another measurable loss that may be compensable.

    Finally, many injuries may leave a cyclist unable to return to their job. When this is the case, a claim also may demand reimbursement for any lost wages. A Ponchatoula lawyer can evaluate how a bicycle accident has affected a person’s life and demand fair compensation.

    Speak with a Ponchatoula Bicycle Accident Attorney

     Bike riders are in a vulnerable position and have little protection from the significant impact that an accident may inflict. This may result in a variety of physical injuries that can affect not just someone’s physical health, but also their mental wellbeing.

    A defendant driver who is at fault for a collision is liable to provide payments to cover these losses. However, defendants and their insurance companies may fight to avoid liability.

    Working with a Ponchatoula bicycle accident attorney could increase your chances of success. An attorney can review the facts of your case, and demand proper payments from negligent defendants. Contact a dedicated attorney immediately to protect your legal rights.