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    Ponchatoula Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

    Collisions between motorcycles and other vehicles can result in life-changing injuries. Even if a biker is wearing sufficient protective gear, the smallest of impacts can lead to significant losses.

    Motorcyclists who sustain injuries because of the actions of another driver have the right to demand compensation. However, these claims may only be successful if a motorcyclist can prove that another party was negligent. This is a strict legal standard that may require a plaintiff to evaluate facts from a legal perspective and understand the civil claims process.

    Fortunately, a Ponchatoula motorcycle accident lawyer can help you pursue a claim if you suffered losses in a collision. A skilled personal injury attorney can work to fully evaluate the facts that led to the collision and take the necessary steps to protect your rights.

    What is Negligence?

    No matter how serious a party’s injuries may be, it is still necessary for them to prove that a defendant was negligent if they want to receive compensation. A negligence claim demands payment from parties who are at fault for an accident. Even though a defendant may not have intended to cause any harm, their careless or reckless behavior may be the root cause of an injury.

    As applied to motorcycle accidents, every driver assumes a duty to operate their motor vehicle safely while following the rules of the road to not put anyone at risk of harm. A failure to uphold this duty, such as speeding or failing to yield, means that a defendant was negligent. A Ponchatoula motorcycle wreck attorney can help build negligence cases that prove a defendant driver as the liable party for an accident.

    Effects of a Motorcycle Accident

    It is difficult to understate the immense impact that a motorcycle accident could have on a motorcyclist. From a physical perspective, collisions or other incidents that cause a motorcyclist to lose control may result in:

    • Broken bones
    • Separated joints
    • Friction burns from sliding on pavement
    • Traumatic brain injuries
    • Amputations

    A negligent defendant is liable to provide for the costs of all necessary past and future medical care. However, a thorough claim must evaluate the effects of the incident on every part of a plaintiff’s life. For instance, many physical injuries also inflict severe pain or emotional trauma. While these are difficult to measure as compensable losses, a Ponchatoula lawyer understands how to evaluate the emotional aspects of a motorcycle collision to pursue fair compensation.

    Retain a Ponchatoula Motorcycle Accident Attorney

    A motorcycle accident can result in severe injuries that affect aspects of your life. While the physical injuries are the most visible, it is also possible that you are suffering from emotional traumas, lost income, and other damages for which a liable driver may be responsible.

    However, plaintiffs who fail to build persuasive claims may find themselves responsible for medical bills or unable to make their best recovery. A Ponchatoula motorcycle accident lawyer can help you. They can take the lead in demanding full payments from insurance companies and in creating a strong case. Contact one of our attorneys to get started.