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    St. Helena Parish Bicycle Accident Lawyer

    Although biking can be a great way to enjoy some fresh air and exercise, bikers also must understand the risks associated with riding on or near a public street. If a cyclist does suffer an injury in a collision with a motor vehicle, though, they may benefit from discussing their legal options with a personal injury attorney.

    If a careless driver struck you while cycling, contact a St. Helena parish bicycle accident lawyer for help filing a claim. Qualified legal counsel can help you pursue monetary compensation from the responsible driver.

    Sources of Compensation

    There are many potential sources of compensation after a bicycle accident caused by someone else’s negligence. If a careless driver strikes and injures a biker, a St. Helena Parish bike wreck attorney can file a lawsuit directly against that driver for the damages suffered by the cyclist.

    In other cases, a defective bicycle part can be responsible for a crash. If an injured cyclist demonstrates the accident would not have happened if their bike did not have a defective part, they may be able to pursue the manufacturer or retailer for damages through litigation.

    Insurance companies are also frequent sources of compensation in bike wrecks. While insurance policies for cyclists are uncommon, vehicle liability insurance typically covers injuries of bicyclists who have been struck by a vehicle.

    However, insurers understand the financial value of limiting their liability and may actively push an injured cyclist towards an insufficient settlement. The right legal counsel may help an injured cyclist evaluate a settlement offer and ensure that the value is fair.

    Bicycle Repairs

    While bicycle accident lawsuits typically focus on personal injuries, cyclists also are entitled to seek compensation for their damaged personal property. A lawsuit can recover an amount needed to repair a bicycle or replace it entirely if the bike is beyond repair.

    A cyclist may also be able to recover compensation for other personal items damaged in the collision. A St. Helena Parish lawyer with experience in bicycle accident claims can identify all of the potential damages available to an injured victim depending on the specifics of their case.

    Pure Comparative Fault

    If a cyclist is partially at fault for an accident, state law does not bar them entirely from recovering damages. Under Louisiana Civil Code Article 2323, a civil court is required to assign a percentage of fault to each party to determine the amount of damages the plaintiff suffered. The jury may then reduce the plaintiff’s recoverable damages by the degree to which they found the plaintiff to be at fault.

    In some states, comparative fault rules only allow a plaintiff to recover damages if their total liability is less than or equal to 50 percent. However, Louisiana follows a “pure comparative fault” system which does not ever entirely prevent a plaintiff from obtaining compensation, regardless of the proportion of fault they had in causing their injuries.

    Contact a St. Helena Parish Bicycle Accident Attorney

    As a cyclist, you have the same rights to the road as anyone behind the wheel of a vehicle. If you have suffered an injury after being struck by a reckless driver, you may have a strong claim for damages. To learn more, call a St. Helena Parish bicycle accident lawyer right away.