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    St. Helena Parish Truck Accident Lawyer

    The consequences of a truck accident go far beyond the potential pain and shock you might experience upon impact. If you suffer a severe injury in a truck collision, you may also find yourself accumulating medical bills, losing income, and paying for damages to your vehicle.

    A seasoned personal injury attorney can help you pursue compensation for your injuries and work to relieve your financial stress. To move forward with your claim, contact a St. Helena Parish truck accident lawyer today.

    Potential Negligent Parties in a Truck Wreck Claim

    There can be multiple potential sources of compensation in a truck wreck. While a negligent truck driver may be liable for any damage they cause, other parties may likely step in and pay the claims in a truck accident.

    For instance, all truck drivers are required to carry liability insurance. In most cases, these truck drivers turn the claim over to their insurer to handle. Insurance companies can have large coffers but are also notoriously unwilling to settle a case for its true value.

    The employer of a truck driver is another potential source of compensation. If the truck driver involved in a crash was operating a company vehicle while conducting regular work responsibilities, both the driver and trucking company might be held liable for the accident. A well-practiced St. Helena Parish truck accident attorney can review a victim’s case to identify which parties should potentially be held liable.

    Settlements Following a Truck Accident

    Most truck accident cases are resolved by a settlement between the injured driver, the truck operator, and potentially the truck operator’s insurance company. From the moment an injured victim files a claim until the day of trial, all the parties involved in the case can negotiate a settlement agreement that covers the plaintiff’s losses.

    However, the initial settlement offer from a hostile insurance company is rarely what a hurt individual has in mind. It is often crucial to speak with a St. Helena Parish truck wreck lawyer before agreeing to a settlement of any amount because an experienced attorney should be better equipped to negotiate for fair compensation.

    Statute of Limitations for Truck Crash Lawsuits

    Anyone considering filing a civil lawsuit following a truck accident should understand there is a limited window to do so. According to state law, the statute of limitations for a personal injury accident is one year from the date of the incident. If a plaintiff files a lawsuit after this deadline passes, the court may bar the case from going forward. A seasoned lawyer can help injured victims file a claim promptly.

    Call a St. Helena Parish Truck Accident Attorney

    Being involved in an accident with a truck can create havoc in your life. It may be challenging to focus on recovery when you are concerned about how you are going to pay for your treatment. To get the help you deserve, contact a St. Helena Parish truck accident lawyer today and schedule a consultation on your case.