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    St. Helena Parish Boat Accident Lawyer

    A boat accident could cause significant damages and injuries to all involved. If you or a loved one suffered injuries as a result of a boat accident, you might benefit from a dedicated personal injury attorney. Taking on the strenuous process of seeking legal recovery could be overwhelming for anyone. An experienced St. Helena Parish boat accident lawyer can review your circumstances and possibly help guide you through the recovery process.

    Causes of Boat Accidents

    Boats have a variety of factors that could affect the cause and liability issues that follows an accident. Dangers may exist below and above the water that determines whether a plaintiff could recover damages. Four main instances often cause boat accidents that lead to liability issues:

    • Two boats colliding and hitting one another
    • Hidden objects beneath the surface
    • Waves
    • One boat hitting a wake from another boat

    Unless hidden objects are placed negligently in the water, it is unlikely that a boat owner would be able to recover damages against someone. Collisions and wake damage could present potential causation issues for boat accident plaintiffs in St. Helena Parish who are seeking damages against another boat driver.

    Understanding Comparative Fault

    When two boats crash and get into an accident, like car crashes, both drivers are subject to comparative negligence standards. Louisiana follows the pure comparative fault method when determining how much a motor vehicle driver could recover. Under the rule, drivers could recover damages no matter how at fault they are for causing the accident as long as their liability is less than 100 percent. However, their overall damages are reduced by their percentage of fault. For more information about comparative fault, contact a St. Helena Parish boat accident lawyer.

    Waves & Wakes

    In situations where a boat accident results from a wave or wake created by another boat driver, many factors might affect the amount of fault attributed to each driver. Federal and state regulations on boating practice have requirements for boat drivers such as adequately looking out for potential hazards to their boat and their passengers. The boat drivers’ speed, boat traffic, right of way violations, visibility, warning of hazards, and type of boat are all factors that could determine who would be liable for a boat accident.

    Recovering Compensation for Damages in St. Helena Parish

    Boat accidents work similarly to automobile accident situations when it comes to the legal process. The main difference is that motor vehicle insurance does not cover boat accident-related injuries. Since Louisiana is an at-fault state when it comes to car insurance, both drivers have the option of filing an insurance claim with the other boat’s insurance carrier.

    If the other boat driver has assets or boat insurance and could pay damages, those injured in a boat collision in St. Helena Parish could pursue damages. Plaintiffs seeking personal injury damages must file their case within one year of the accident under Louisiana Civil Code Article 3492. A dedicated attorney can help an injured individual recover the damages they deserve.

    Contact a St. Helena Parish Boat Accident Attorney Today

    The challenges that lie ahead in recovering damages are surmountable and could be overcome with a guided approach from a St. Helena Parish boat accident lawyer. Start exploring your options and call to schedule a consultation.