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    St. Helena Parish Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

    There are many risks associated with riding a motorcycle, and unfortunately, motorcycle accidents are a common occurrence that can result in serious injury. To make matters worse, many of these crashes are caused by the reckless driving of others on the road. A seasoned personal injury attorney may be able to help an injured rider recover monetary damages if they are harmed by another driver’s negligence.

    If you suffered an injury in a motorcycle crash, you may be entitled to file a lawsuit and pursue damages from the driver responsible for the crash. A St. Helena Parish motorcycle accident lawyer can guide you through this complex litigation process.

    Common Motorcycle Accident Causes

    Many different factors can lead to a motorcycle accident. By discussing the facts of your case with a lawyer experienced in handling St. Helena Parish motorcycle accident cases, you may gain insight into whether your claim for compensation may be viable.

    Careless Drivers

    One of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents relates to careless or reckless driving from nearby motor vehicles. Drivers of passenger cars may not pay close enough attention to motorcycles because of their size relative to most other vehicles. When other drivers are distracted or irresponsible, they are more likely to cause a crash with a motorbike.

    Defective Bikes

    Some crashes might have been avoidable were it not for a defective motorcycle or bike part. When a faulty motorcycle or defective part is to blame, it would be unfair to require an injury victim to take full responsibility for their injuries. Therefore, victims of bike crashes may be able to make a claim against the manufacturer, designer, or retailer of a defective motorbike or bike part.

    Poor Road Conditions

    Road conditions are also frequently a cause of motorcycle crashes. While poorly maintained or designed roads affect vehicles of all sizes, motorcycles may be more vulnerable to poor road conditions. Some road conditions that may lead to a motorcycle accident include:

    • Broken or missing road signs
    • Loose gravel
    • Broken pavement
    • Poorly-designed roadways
    • Uneven roadways
    • Potholes
    • Malfunctioning traffic lights

    When poor road conditions lead to a motorcycle accident, the government entity responsible for that section of the road could be held responsible. State and local governments have a duty to maintain roads in their jurisdiction in a safe condition, so when those entities breach that duty, a St. Helena Parish motorcycle attorney can help an injured motorcyclist make a claim and pursue fair compensation.

    Damages in a Motorcycle Accident

    Damages available in a motorcycle wreck are intended to make an injury victim whole after experiencing certain losses. The money obtained from a motorcycle accident claim may be used to compensate an injury victim for any expenses related to the collision.

    Many claims for damages in a motorcycle case revolve around medical care, including both past and future medical expenses. An injured party also may seek compensation for any damages to their motorcycle, or for a full replacement if the motorcycle is totaled. Other common damages sought in a motorcycle accident case may include pain and suffering, decreased future earning potential, and permanent disability.

    Call a St. Helena Parish Motorcycle Accident Attorney Today

    If you suffered a severe injury in a motorcycle crash, your top priority should be focusing on your health and well-being. However, this can be difficult when trying to handle an injury claim on your own.

    You may benefit from contacting a skilled St. Helena Parish motorcycle accident lawyer who can help you navigate the legal process while you recover. Call today for your initial consultation.