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    Lafourche Parish Commercial Fishing Injury Lawyer

    Commercial fishing sometimes has a reputation for being one of the most dangerous industries, as injuries are so common for those working in it. In fact, the fatality rate for commercial fishing is at least 29 times higher than the fatality rate of other occupations, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

    If you experienced one of the numerous commercial fishing injuries that occur each year in Louisiana, you may need the help of an experienced Lafourche Parish commercial fishing injury lawyer. A qualified maritime injury attorney could help you recover the damages that you deserve.

    Commercial Fishing Injuries by the Numbers

    In one research study of commercial fishing workers, nearly 40 percent of all commercial fishing workers experienced a work-related injury in the past 12 months. Almost half of these injuries were penetrating wounds, mostly to the wrist, hands, and digits.

    The fish themselves, especially finfish, are the most common cause of penetrating wounds. The rest of the injuries are mostly repetitive strain injuries to the wrist and back. Regardless of the cause of a fishing injury, a Lafourche Parish commercial fishing injury lawyer could help.

    Common Causes of Commercial Fishing Injuries

    Some of the most common causes of commercial fishing injuries can also be some of the most dangerous. Depending on the circumstances, a variety of conditions and types of damage may result from a commercial fishing accident.

    Poor Safety Precautions

    Commercial fishing companies have a responsibility to provide adequate safety equipment for their workers, including radios, emergency signals, safety gear, life-vests, and other safety equipment. When they do not, accidents can become even more common and dangerous than usual.

    Harsh Weather

    Winter weather that causes icy or slushy conditions on the ship dock or deck can be dangerous. Commercial fishing companies should take steps to ensure their ships and docks remain free of ice, slush, and debris that pose injury to commercial fishing workers.

    Freezing Temperatures

    Freezing, or near-freezing temperatures can also cause hypothermia, injuring fishing workers not adequately protected from the winter weather with protective gear and suits that ward off hypothermia. While Lafourche Parish typically has a warmer climate, conditions at sea can be much colder than on land.

    Heavy Equipment

    Hauling and manipulating heavy equipment is another cause of injury to commercial fishing workers, who unload and load cargo, haul heavy pots, nets, lines, and other fishing gear regularly in the course of their jobs.

    Poor Training and a Lack of Experience

    Poorly trained or inexperienced fishermen on a victim’s team can cause accidents. Commercial fishing companies will often hire young, inexperienced workers seeking high-paying jobs that do not require a lot of education or costly training. While this may save money for the fishing companies initially, it is generally a better idea to make sure the workers are well trained so they do not cause costly mistakes and injuries.

    Overworked Employees

    Exhausted employees are more likely to make mistakes. They are also more likely to use controlled substances to help them stay awake or dull chronic pain. It is in everyone’s best interest for commercial fishing operations to make sure workers are not exhausted and overwhelmed, and that they have access to necessary medical care if they suffer injuries on the job.

    How a Lafourche Parish Commercial Fishing Injury Attorney Could Help

    No matter the severity of your commercial fishing injury, you may need an experienced Lafourche Parish commercial fishing injury lawyer on your side to ensure that you can seek the compensation for your injuries. Call today to schedule a consultation with a personal injury lawyer.