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    Lafourche Parish Barge Accident Lawyer

    When a seaman suffers an injury and is unable to work, it can be a financially stressful time for both the employee and their family. If you are a barge worker who suffered an injury on the job, you may be eligible for compensation if that injury was due to an unsafe practice or condition on the vessel. Because navigable waterways fall under the jurisdiction of the federal government, there are no workers’ compensation laws that apply. However, injured seamen can pursue financial damages under maritime laws.

    To be successful with your claim, it is important to understand that maritime laws are complex and may require the legal expertise of an experienced Lafourche Parish barge accident lawyer. Read on to learn more about how a skilled maritime injury attorney could help make a difference in your case.

    Barge Accidents and the Jones Act

    In 1920, the federal government enacted the Merchant Marine Act—more commonly known as the Jones Act—that was passed to encourage maritime commerce in the U.S. Among the almost two dozen areas of maritime law it covers, the act addresses the rights of barge workers and other seamen who suffer injuries on the job, granting them the right to pursue claims against their employers or ship owners if they sustain injuries due to another’s negligence or because of an unsafe work practice or condition on the vessel. These types of negligence frequently lead to:

    • Collisions with docks, sandbars, shores, and other water hazards
    • Lack of proper procedures for setting out and securing lines
    • Lack of safety equipment and procedures
    • Leakage of engine lubricants which cause slippery surfaces
    • Weak or frayed lines that come apart
    • Employee fatigue from working long hours due to inadequate staff

    Most barge accidents are often preventable and usually happen as a result of failure on the part of the employer to provide safety training for all employees. Many accidents are also the result of the employer’s failure to invest in tools or have an adequate amount of staff members onboard. Workers who have received injuries due to this type of negligence should retain professional representation from a Lafourche Parish barge accident lawyer as soon as possible.

    Recoverable Damages in Lafourche Parish

    Some of the most common types of barge accident injuries include amputations, brain injuries, fractures, herniated discs, spinal cord damage, sprains, and strains. By working with a skilled Lafourche Parish barge accident lawyer, an individual may be able to collect damages for any past and future medical expenses, lost wages while they were recovering, and any other financial losses they suffered because of the injury. They may also be able to collect compensation for their pain and suffering, emotional anguish, scarring, and disfigurement as well. If the injury left them unable to go back to barge work, they may be entitled to loss of future earning capacity, as well as vocational counseling and training. Reach out to a compassionate injury attorney to learn more.

    Let a Lafourche Parish Barge Accident Lawyer Help

    If you are a barge worker who suffered an injury in an accident, it may be important for you to consult with a Lafourche Parish barge accident lawyer who understands your needs and has extensive experience in maritime law. In many cases, there are differences between the rules in a state’s tort laws and maritime laws. Issues such as the statute of limitations and limitation of liability are not the same in Louisiana personal injury law and maritime law. Working with a lawyer who lacks maritime law knowledge could make the difference in whether you are successful in obtaining financial compensation for your injuries. Reach out to a dedicated Lafourche Parish barge accident lawyer today to schedule your initial consultation.