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    Lafourche Parish Cargo Ship Accident Lawyer

    Unlike other types of injured workers that the state’s workers’ compensation laws cover, federal maritime law covers seamen if they suffered an injury in navigational waterways. Compensation rules may fall under general maritime laws and, more specifically, the Jones Act.

    If you are a cargo worker who sustained an injury while working, consider contacting an experienced maritime injury attorney to discuss what your legal rights may be. Talk to a Lafourche Parish cargo ship accident lawyer today.

    Maritime Laws in Lafourche Parish

    Maritime law says that an injured cargo worker may receive day-to-day living expenses—legally referred to as maintenance—and the cost of medical expenses to treat their injury—legally referred to as cure—while they recover.

    The Jones Act allows an injured seaman to recover other losses and damages that do not fall under maritime law. This law ensures that any act of negligence on the part of the ship’s owner, your employer, or another employee entitles the injured worker to pursue financial damages for losses the injury caused.

    If a person has any questions about maritime law, they are strongly encouraged to speak with a Lafourche Parish cargo ship accident lawyer to find out more on this subject.

    Possible Dangers of Cargo Ships

    Cargo work can be dangerous. Not only are workers responsible for loading, transporting, and offloading cargo, but quite often that cargo contains sensitive and potentially hazardous materials. Cargo workers also face the unpredictable and inclement weather that comes with being at sea. Some of the more common incidents include:

    • Exposure to hazardous materials
    • Equipment malfunctions
    • Machinery explosions
    • Burns
    • Falling overboard

    How the Jones Act Applies to Cargo Workers

    Under the Jones Act, an injured cargo worker can seek recovery for all past and future medical expenses their injury requires. This also encompasses financial compensation for medication, medical equipment and devices, and travel expenses to get back and forth for treatment.

    In addition to any lost wages from being unable to work, you may also be able to recover loss of future income if the injury was so severe that it left you with a long-term or permanent disability. This may also qualify you for vocational therapy and training.

    Other noneconomic losses you may receive damages for are pain and suffering, emotional distress, scarring, disfigurement, and permanent disabilities. Speak with a Lafourche Parish cargo ship accident lawyer to learn more on this topic.

    Learn How a Lafourche Parish Cargo Ship Accident Attorney Could Help

    Maritime law is very different from other types of civil law and may require the insight of a maritime lawyer. There are many complex factors that can have a profound effect on how much an injured cargo worker can collect for their injuries, including limitation of liability.

    This limitation allows the owner of the vessel to request that whatever amount you receive is not more than the value of the vessel and freight pending at the time of the incident that injured you. An experienced Lafourche Parish cargo ship accident lawyer also understands that there are different guidelines for statute of limitations for cargo ship accidents, something a regular personal injury lawyer may not be aware of. If you would like to find out more information and learn how an attorney may be able to help, call today for a free consultation.