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    Houma Commercial Vehicle Accident Lawyer

    An accident with a company vehicle is not just another car accident. Company vehicles may be driven by professional drivers and are insured by commercial policies. Representatives from the company and the insurance carrier usually begin investigating the accident within hours. They will work to pay you as little as they can under the insurance policy.

    Commercial insurance carriers have teams of adjusters and attorneys to protect the company from risk and expense. Who will look out for your interests? For a free consultation with our Houma commercial vehicle accident lawyers, please call or contact us at Kopfler & Hermann today. Our experienced car accident attorneys are ready to discuss your unique case.

    Determining Liability Is Critical

    In addition to semis and 18-wheelers, commercial vehicles include:

    • Delivery cars, vans and trucks
    • Service vans and trucks
    • Vehicles used by salespeople and executives
    • Construction vehicles
    • Garbage trucks
    • Limousines
    • Buses
    • Hotshot trucks

    As with any car accident, company vehicle accidents may be caused by distracted or drunk driving, falling asleep at the wheel, speeding or reckless driving, or vehicle defects. The larger the company vehicle, the greater the force with which it will strike the other vehicle. Large vans and trucks will often cause more serious injuries than cars, although each accident/injury is unique.

    If the driver of the company vehicle has a commercial driver’s license (CDL), the driver and company will likely fight even harder to deny fault for the accident. We investigate the company driver’s personal and professional driving records to determine whether there is a pattern of negligence. If the company knowingly hired a driver with a poor driving record, we can use that evidence to your advantage.

    Get Help From a Houma Commercial Vehicle Injury Attorney Today

    To schedule an appointment with one of our experienced Houma commercial vehicle accident lawyers, please call our firm today. A skilled attorney at Kopfler & Hermann is here to guide you from start to finish of your case and help you pursue the compensation you deserve for your suffering.