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    Houma Teen Accident Lawyer

    Car accidents involving teenage drivers are some of the most common on roads throughout the country. In fact, in the United States, car accidents are the leading cause of teenage deaths, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. And it is not just teenagers behind the wheel that are at risk either. It is the passengers in their cars and others on the road.

    While teen accidents may be more common than accidents involving any other age group, they are viewed no differently in the eyes of the law. When someone else was negligent and caused the accident, the teenager can still seek compensation for injuries and damage. And when it is a teenager that has caused an accident through negligence, others can also sue them for compensation as well.

    An experienced attorney will understand the circumstances surrounding teen accidents, and what to look for, to help families recover what they may be entitled to. Contact our firm to speak to a Houma teen accident lawyer today.

    Common Causes of Teen Car Accidents

    Just like other car accidents, there are many things that can cause a teenage accident. However, some of these causes are more likely to happen to teenagers than any other age group. There are four main causes of teen accidents.

    Most causes of teen accidents are due to negligence on the teenager’s part, particularly drunk driving and distracted driving, whether the distraction was a device or a friend. Teenagers can have personal injury lawsuits filed against them just like anyone else. It becomes much more difficult when a teenage driver does not have a license or proper insurance. A Houma attorney may work with the victim of a teen accident, or of the family of the victim, in order to gather facts relative to the incident in order to build a strong civil case.

    Graduated Licensing Requirements in Houma

    Being in a state that has graduated licensing laws, there are different classes of licenses in Houma for any driver. A teenager can apply for their learner’s permit when they are 15 years old and have taken a driver’s education course with 30 hours of classroom time and eight hours of driving practice.

    When a teenager turns 16 they may apply for an intermediate license if they have had a learner’s permit for 180 days. Both licenses come with strict regulations such as driving with a person that has their full license and, in the case of an intermediate license, completing 50 hours of driving practice with a parent or someone who holds a full license.

    When a teen reaches the age of 17 in Houma and has completed all necessary training, they may apply for a full license. If a teenager is caught driving without a valid license, or illegally driving with a learner’s permit or intermediate license, they may be subject to penalties.

    Those can include fines and, because a teenager is an adult at the age of 17 in Houma, even possible jail time. Consult with a teen accident attorney serving Houma to learn more.

    Let a Houma Teen Accident Attorney Help

    Teenagers in Louisiana are typically covered by their parent’s car insurance policy. And even though they are often placed in a special high-risk category, the insurance company will still likely not want to pay out benefits to injured parties.

    An attorney can help recover these benefits for injured individuals and even speak to the insurance company on their behalf so those injured can focus on recovering. An attorney also knows the special circumstances that can surround teen accidents and find evidence that will help prove the case in court.

    If you or a loved one suffered an injury in a car accident involving a teenager and you believe the teen to be at fault, contact a Houma teen accident lawyer today. You may not have to pay all the expenses for your injuries or for damages to your vehicle, and a qualified attorney can help get you the compensation you may be entitled to. Contact us today at Kopfler & Hermann to get started.