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    Houma Car Accident Causes

    A person who was injured in a car accident should contact a qualified car accident attorney to make sure they receive adequate compensation for the accident. An experienced lawyer can represent someone injured in a car accident by conducting a proper investigation. The lawyer obtains statements, takes photographs of the property damage, and gathers medical records to advise the injured person of a proper course of action for their car accident case.

    Consulting with an attorney can help out on insurance matters such as a resolution of property damage, the replacement cost of the vehicle and substitute transportation while the vehicle is being repaired, exploration of other available insurances, and other causes of action that most laypeople are not aware of. Different Houma car accident causes can have an impact on your case, which a skilled attorney could explain in more detail during an initial consultation.

    Determination of Fault for Car Crashes

    Understanding Houma car accident causes can be constructive when determining liability. Oftentimes, the party at fault is insured and representatives of the insurance companies have as much experience as an attorney in that limited area of automobile negligence.

    How do Common Hazards Impact an Accident Case?

    Distracted driving is one of the most common car accident causes in Houma. Individuals are not getting enough sleep or they are using cell phones, texting, talking on the phone, and not paying attention to the roadway. They fail to keep a proper lookout and follow the rules of the road.

    In distracted driving cases where people do not keep a proper lookout, the driver does not follow at a safe distance and does not allow sufficient time to bring their vehicle under control in the event of a possible crash. With these types of crashes, vehicles travel at the speed of the highway without braking. This leads to significant forces to people who are rear-ended or where there is a collision at an intersection.

    Defining Direct Action Law

    Louisiana is a direct action state which means a person can proceed against an insurance carrier in addition to the parties driving in a less than careful manner. A car accident claim in Houma is like any other car accident in other locations. However, there are many bodies of water in Terrebonne Parish where Houma is located, and sometimes vehicles involved in a car accident end up in the bayous. For more information on how this can impact someone’s case, injured parties should contact an attorney following their collision.

    Discuss Houma Car Accident Causes with a Dedicated Attorney

    The biggest reason to contact an attorney early in the case is that most car crashes are adjusted by insurance professionals. The job of the insurance professional is to minimize the damages by putting as much fault as possible on the injured party. Often, they contact the injured party within a day of a car crash.

    They have expertise and means of adjusting claims for Houma car accident causes that sometimes are not fair to the layman. That is why retaining the services of an attorney is important early on to make sure that the rights and remedies of the injured party are protected. Contact our office to get started on your case.