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    Houma Parking Lot Accident Lawyer

    When most people think of car accidents, they often think of accidents that happen on public roadways and highways. However, there are other places that accidents take place also, including on private property such as parking lots. While parking lot accidents are similar to other types of accidents, there are a few unique factors when one occurs on someone else’s private property.

    If you suffered damages in a parking lot accident, it may be important to speak to a seasoned car accident attorney who could help you with your case. Consult a Houma parking lot accident lawyer at Kopfler & Hermann for more information about seeking compensation.

    Calling the Police after a Parking Lot Accident

    Most people know that if they get into an accident in Louisiana, they should contact the police. However, that may not be necessary in the case of parking lot accidents. In fact, even if the police are contacted, they may not always come to the scene of a parking lot accident.

    This is because the damages and injuries involved in parking lot accidents are often not as serious as those that occur on other roadways. Vehicles are not typically going at very high speeds or are parked, both of which are factors that often lower the chance of critical injuries. Speak with a Houma car accident accident attorney to learn more about whether calling the police is necessary after a parking lot accident.

    Contacting the Insurance Companies

    While it may not be necessary to contact the police after a parking lot accident, the insurance companies of both drivers should still be contacted. Damage to a vehicle that looks minor could end up being much more serious, and damaged bumpers and taillights could cost the owner of the vehicle thousands of dollars to replace.

    When the insurance companies are contacted, they will visit the scene and collect evidence in an attempt to determine who was at fault for the accident. If the owner of the parking lot had video equipment that surveyed the activity in the parking lot, the insurance adjusters will likely ask for this as well. If someone needs assistance with contacting insurance companies after a parking lot accident, a Houma car collision attorney could help.

    Determining Fault

    After the insurance adjusters determine who was at fault for the accident, the insurance company of the at-fault driver may be required to pay benefits to the other driver. These benefits are intended to cover the cost of any repairs needed for damage.

    However, the parking lot owner may also be found at fault. Under premises liability law in Houma, Louisiana, property owners are responsible for keeping all guests on their property safe. If their parking lot is found to be unsafe, they could be found fully or partially at fault for an accident.

    Things like poor lighting, poor design that increases the chances of an accident, unmarked construction areas, and other hazards could indicate fault on the part of a parking lot owner. An experienced Houma attorney may be able to use these details of a parking lot accident to effectively indicate fault on the property owner.

    Getting Legal Help in Houma

    Because parking lot accidents do not generally involve serious injuries or damages, many people do not believe that they need to contact an attorney after the accident. Just as damages may be worse than they initially seem, though, so too may injuries.

    What seems like just a headache after an accident could end up being a concussion or something worse that requires extensive medical treatment. A qualified local attorney could know what to look for and the proper next steps to take following a parking lot accident, such as visiting a doctor for an examination.

    Furthermore, an attorney can also speak with the insurance adjusters on their client’s behalf while they are determining liability. In some cases, insurance adjusters may take statements out of context, or offer unfair settlements when their client is deemed the responsible party. A local parking lot collision attorney could work to ensure they do not use any of these tactics and that their client receives fair compensation.

    Contact a Houma Parking Lot Accident Attorney Today

    If you or a loved one were involved in a parking lot collision, no matter how minor it may seem, you may want to contact a Houma parking lot accident lawyer right away. They could help determine who was at fault, advise on the next steps to take, and ensure that you do not overlook something that could be more serious than it seems. Contact Kopfler & Hermann today to get started.