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    Houma Rear-End Collision Lawyer

    A rear-end collisions could be a vehicle moving or stopped in traffic but lawfully in its position on the roadway. Rear-end collisions often occur when the car behind you does not bring their vehicle under control in time to avoid a collision. If you have been harmed from being hit from behind, contact a skilled car accident attorney to begin filing a personal injury claim.

    Houma rear-end collision lawyers have seen distracted driving often cause bumper to bumper accidents. Either people are impaired from alcohol, medications, or illegal drugs, or not paying attention. They are distracted by conversations with passengers, adjusting their radio, talking on the cell phone, texting on their smartphone, surfing, and generally not paying attention to the roadway in front of them. Drivers should stay a length or two behind any vehicle so they can bring their vehicle under control if they have to stop suddenly.

    Assignment of Fault

    In Louisiana, there is a presumption that the rear-ending vehicle is 100 percent at fault. If it can be shown that the driver of the forward vehicle stopped for a non-traffic reason such as taking a picture of a building or talking to a friend on the side of the road, there may be some fault in that situation. Unless the front vehicle is in reverse and backing up on the highway, almost always the rear-ending party is presumed to be at fault 100 percent. A Houma rear-end accident attorney could help an individual establish their lack of fault in an injury case.

    Establishing Liability in Rear-End Accidents

    A rear-end collision attorney can obtain the crash report from the Houma Police Department, the Terrebonne Parish Sheriff’s Office, or the Louisiana State Police. The authorities arrive on the scene and determine the names of the owners and the operators of the vehicles. They usually ask each operator for their story about what happened. The traffic investigator is an official witness as to what each party said what happened.

    When somebody says in their report that they rear-ended the forward vehicle and they were not paying attention; that case can be easily proved. The police report and photographs may show damages to the rear of the vehicle for the party making the claim for being rear-ended and front-end damage to the vehicle at fault. Photographs from wrecker yards can be helpful.

    Often times, the recordings of individuals who call 911 can help determine how the crash occurred. Local businesses may have video that captures the crash so the facts can be locked in. There are also statements to the healthcare providers in an ambulance or to attending emergency room doctors. Those can be used to prove the case of the party injured in a rear-end collision.

    Contact a Houma Rear-End Accident Attorney Right Away

    Sometimes a person waits to contact a Houma rear-end collision lawyer after an accident and represents themselves in a claim. Usually, the party at fault is insured and has an insurance adjuster who is trained in automobile negligence law. The adjuster contacts the injured party to get their version of the crash. These adjusters are skilled in gathering evidence that diminishes the claim. An attorney can handle the negotiations with the insurance company and there are no statements or conferences over the telephone with the injured party without the attorney being involved.

    If you have been involved in a rear-end accident, do not wait to take legal action. Get in touch with a dedicated member of our team today.