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    Houma Major Road Accident Lawyer

    When one car strikes another car in Houma, the consequences are usually not that severe. While damages are possible, most car accidents are mere fender benders or small scrapes, with injuries limited to bruises and perhaps a slightly sore neck.

    These, however, are generally the best-case scenarios. In other scenarios, car accidents can be much worse. Major road accidents often involve another vehicle, multiple vehicles, trucks, or pedestrians, and cyclists. Furthermore, in these situations, injuries and damages are much worse—and may even be fatal.

    If you or a loved one were involved in a major road accident, it may be important to speak to a passionate car attorney right away. A Houma major road accident lawyer may be able to help you seek the compensation you deserve.

    Types of Major Road Accidents

    Although any accident can turn into a major accident depending on the severity of the impact and how many vehicles were involved, there are some types of major road accidents that are more common than others. These include:

    While it is not always the case, most major road accidents can be avoided. They are often a result of a driver not paying attention or misjudging the conditions of the road and the behaviors of other drivers, such as how quickly their vehicle is traveling. This can be considered negligence, and when another driver is injured due to that negligence, a Houma collision attorney could help them claim compensation for injuries and damages.

    Possible Injuries in Major Road Accidents

    Due to the severity of these types of accidents, resulting injuries are often life-changing and debilitating, leaving a person to deal with months—if not years—of recovery and rehabilitation. The most common injuries in major road accidents are:

    • Head injuries such as traumatic brain injuries, bleeding of the brain, and brain lacerations
    • Neck injuries, including bulging and herniated disks, joint injuries, and injuries to the vertebrae
    • Chest injuries, particularly when an object penetrates the chest, heart, or lungs
    • Abdominal injuries, most often because an object has penetrated the abdomen, penetrating internal organs or major blood vessels

    If someone has sustained such injuries due to a major road accident, they should contact a Houma car collision attorney for assistance with determining the liable party and pursuing compensation for damages.

    Wrongful Death in Houma Major Road Accidents

    Wrongful death occurs when someone dies because of someone else’s negligence. This is the most unfortunate result of many major road accidents. When someone passes away due to a negligent act, surviving spouses and children may choose to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the negligent person.

    If those family members wish not to file a wrongful death claim, no other family members may do so unless there is no surviving spouse or child. Contact a local major road collision attorney to get started on a potential claim today.

    A Houma Major Road Accident Attorney Can Help

    If you or a loved one were in a major road accident and wish to seek compensation for injuries, damages, or wrongful death, consider speaking with a Houma major road accident lawyer about your eligibility for compensation. There is a statute of limitations on any accident victim case, so it is advisable not to delay. Call today to get started on your case.