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    Houma Side-Impact Collision Lawyer

    As defined by Houma law, a side-impact collision is a crash where one vehicle is impacted on the driver side or the passenger side. It usually occurs as an intersectional collision where someone runs a red light or does not yield at a stop sign. The driver may enter from a parking lot and does not yield the right of way. The direction of the vehicle with the right of way and the operator who broke the rules determine which side of the vehicle is impacted. It may be critical to speak with a distinguished car accident attorney regarding the compensation you deserve for any harm caused. A Houma side-impact collision lawyer can help you collect evidence to help you prove negligence in your case.

    Common Causes of a Side-Impact Accident

    Side impact accidents can be caused by someone not paying attention and running a red light, or not yielding the right of way when entering a roadway. Someone involved in a side-impact collision should photograph their vehicle and the other vehicle if they have a smartphone, and they are not injured. They should call 911 for an ambulance and police personnel to arrive on the scene. They should gather information from the party at fault including their name and insurance information. They should seek medical attention if they are injured from the side-impact collisions and contact a Houma car accident attorney as soon as possible.

    What are the Effects of Side-Impact Collisions?

    Houma side-impact crash attorneys have seen that when the impact is severe, the injuries can be catastrophic. A side-impact collision often results in the vehicle turning over. In those cases, spinal injuries and traumatic brain injuries can occur. If the side impact is to the driver’s side, the driver can have broken hips, broken legs, broken ribs, broken shoulders, soft tissue injuries, bruises, lacerations, and abrasions. The same is true for any passenger on the other side when that side is struck.

    Recoverable Damages

    The possible damages a person involved in a side-impact collision can recover include:

    • Medical expenses incurred as a result of the crash
    • Lost earnings as a result of the crash
    • Future medical expenses
    • Impairment of the individual’s ability to earn money in the future
    • The injury itself
    • Pain and suffering
    • Mental pain and anguish
    • Any effect on the injured person’s ability to enjoy life
    • Any permanent disability that affects their ability to take care of themselves
    • Mobility issues

    Spouses can bring damage claims for injuries to their spouse and the parents can bring claims for injuries to their children. The children can bring claims for injuries to their parents. If someone has further questions about the recoverable damages following a side-impact collision, they should enlist the guidance of a Houma car accident attorney.

    Get Help from a Houma Side-Impact Collision Attorney Today

    A Houma side-impact collision lawyer can advise the insurance company of their representation and require them to direct all future communications to the attorney’s office. They can assist in adjusting the property damage loss, help to obtain a substitute vehicle, gather the medical records and assist with handling the medical expenses. An attorney can investigate the case, obtain the crash report and any photographs from the traffic investigator, go to the crash scene, obtain the 911 recordings, and secure evidence such as videos from local businesses that recorded the crash. Contact our firm today to discuss your unique case with a dedicated attorney.